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Medicine Yes, the Chilly Winters is again upon us! Unsafe driving conditions with snowcapped roads, storms and frozen temperature … all a .mon winter reality. The frosty weather makes our bodies more prone to getting down with cold. Seniors at home? Then take extra care as elderly people are basically less immune and stand out the risk of infections more during winters. Hence, a proper way of medication can keep the aging lives of your seniors in a healthy condition and can make them smile for winters and beyond. Health care studies from FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and NIA (National Institute on Aging) reveal that old age people takes in more amount of OTC drugs and prescription medications as to other age groups, perhaps because of fear to losing life. Managing the medication program that is prescribed and scheduled to encourage a better health of your elderly parents can truly be a challenge for them. Let’s take a look at the guidelines that can help seniors in shaping up their medication usage schedule. Updated Medication List: Do you really know about the medicine consumed just now? Perhaps Not! Just because it’s prescribed by a health care professional, you’re consuming it. A broader knowledge about the medicine can help you in getting more insights about the illness you are going through and can stay alert further on the same. An updated medication list supporting the dosing schedules with special instructions mentioned along with the side effects can help keep elderly people hale and hearty. Weekly Capsule .anizers: It is very natural that the seniors or might get confused on which of the medicines among all is to be taken. Weekly capsule .anizers can be one of the best refuges you can try today. These .anizers can often be colorful plastic packets with properly sealed locks and labels mentioning each week day over it. This way, seniors can keep a track on what is to be taken on which day. Keep Ample Medicines in Stock: You know that you would be out of home for say 5 days vacation and have arranged meds for the same time span beforehand. Good! You return back merrily only to find out that you won’t be able to go out due to heavy storm. What next? You still need meds irrespective of the weather conditions. So, arrange for at least 15 days extra medicines and be prepared for the unforeseen conditions. Use Technology for Reminder Alarms: Reminder alarms on your personally owned devices such as smartphone, appscan assist you in reminding about the medicine time. In today’s busy work schedule you can easily miss on your correct medicine time but a simple reminder alert can save you and regularize the dosing program. Go through the directions carefully: Flip through every inserts in prescription medications along with the Drug facts or directions / instructions written at the back of the OTC medicines. Get clear insight on the instructions from your pharmacist, if you find anything unsure. Track Expiry Dates for Proper Medication Management The contemporary medicines are successful in embracing people with longer life spans, enriched health and promoting quality life, if at all utilized properly. You should be extra cautious while consuming it and should have an eagle’s eye on the expiry dates specially. Repercussions to neglecting meds may be severe for your elderly loved ones at home, so staying alert is far better than to regret. When it is all about securing your dearly old aged parents at home from the deadly clutches of winter, you are all set to know and administer the medication management in the best possible way. Isn’t it? Well, planning ahead with a checklist can help you far better in protecting the aging lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: