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UnCategorized The television show "The Walking Dead" follows a group of survivors as they try to find a place where the zombies are not. However, I believe the title refers not to the undead zombies ambling around, but to the survivors themselves. First off, zombies are not "the walking dead" they shuffle around, usually barely able to stay balanced. They are also not dead, they are referred to as "undead" and this show is not called "The Ambling Around Undead." By thinking of the ragtag group of survivors as the "Walking Dead" clearly helps show how hopeless their situation is. By showing them in this light, their plight seems all the more destined to fail. That all they are doing is walking around, trying to find a place where the zombies aren’t, but in the end they will not find such a place and will die, thus that which they sought to escape, a horde of mindless zombies. Another example of this is that the zombies are never really the source of strife. Oh sure there’s shootouts with them, but for the most part, it’s the people who cause the most problems for the group. In the popular culture, zombies are supposed to be an allegory for the mass consumerism of the United States, of people trying to "fit in" while there is a small group of people set in their ways who are trying to fight the onslaught of change until they can fight no more. From this perspective, the humans are the last group of people who refuse to change in some way. Oftentimes when one speaks of the opposition, it is .mon to call them "mindless zombies." This dehumanizes them and makes it okay to act against them. This has been a method of attack for countless years, even in war soldiers use such dehumanizing terms against their enemies. Gooks, slant eyes, krauts, Nips, etc are such dehumanizing terms used within the past 100 years. "Mass consumerism" could also be used to describe why zombies act as they do. A "mass consumer" could be someone who either buys a lot of things they probably do not need, but could also be someone that eats more than they should. They consume too much. In this vein, a zombie is a consumer of human flesh, of making others more like itself. The Walking Dead could be both an allegory for societal change and mass consumerism or as a tale of a group of doomed survivors. Which is it? That’s for everyone to decide for themselves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: