LED industry is now a large area after the loss of signs prices rose about 10%- Sohu Finance cagliari exchange

LED industry large losses are now signs of recovery prices about 10%- Sohu financial LED industry are now signs of recovery prices about 10% newspaper reporter Chen Hongxia Intern Zhang Qing Wuhan reported by the whole industry large losses, Chinese LED industry has come to pick up signs. " at present, there is a certain quality of the chip has been about 10% price increase. In September 6th, Cheng Hongwei " LED Industry Research Institute YOUPIN Wealth Financial Research Institute on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, while the downstream applications of the product price also reached about 5%. Investment advisor in the new material industry researcher Zou Mingxiao also revealed that the price of the LED package factory is only related to the display package, although not related to the lighting package, but the downstream LED industry chain is also brewing prices. After two years of low-cost market, LED price rebound trend has been very obvious. Relative to the previous downturn in the market price, LED prices rose by nearly 10%. However, the current price increase is not comprehensive. " experienced in 2015 after the trough of the industry, this round of price increases is a return to a reasonable range of product prices in the industry, but after the industry will be fully warmed up need to observe. " in this regard, another anonymous industry insiders believe that the current industry order was re established, and the future of the market, the demand for LED products end there is a huge space for development, through the adjustment, the industry will return to reason. The starting point of the price of LED companies have experienced a long downturn. Since 2010, China’s LED industry has entered a period of rapid development. " at that time the market access threshold is very low. " a LED enterprise for the memories, hundreds of thousands of yuan investment generally can enter the industry, and then China LED industry has just started, a lot of good prospects to attract capital influx, the rapid growth of the industry scale. At that time, the size of the domestic enterprises are not too large, a new industry into the enterprise may be in the capital of help, about half a year may overtake the domestic ranking of the industry. In the early development of the industry, products with low quality, serious homogenization of products and technical content is not high malpractice appears in the industry, and the competition between enterprises is often the most common way of price competition, in this situation, the price of domestic LED products began to decline. " in 2013, LED industry product prices fell as high as 30% or so, in 2012 continued to decline by about 20%, while in 2015, continued to decline by about 5%. " Cheng Hongwei remember, the past three years, despite the decline in the LED industry has narrowed, but in 2015 the price reached near each enterprise cost line, many enterprises in the long run below the cost line, including many large LED manufacturers are cheap sale. Under this situation, LED industry stepped into the bottom of the industry. From the data performance of listed companies, in 2015, the country’s largest LED companies.相关的主题文章: