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Kung Fu 120 million Toupai animation "Kung Fu Movie invincible pig" before one of the ten, China animation industry enterprise national animation enterprise work officially disclosed, will invest 120 million yuan to start the pig "invincible" Kung Fu film project, the project is currently in the State Press and Publication Administration for approval. Kung Fu animation chairman Li Zhubing introduction, Kung Fu invincible pig eight will use the global joint production model, the early creative work is the introduction of the Hollywood luxury lineup. The film project has been favored by many investors, Li Zhubing said that this film will prove "return" to create the great domestic animation film more than 900 million box office records, the target of more than 1 billion. At present the film creative work has been carried out, in order to give the pig a traditional image of more contemporary elements, Kung Fu animation creative team launched a global collection activity, stood first in fighting nation – russia. To raise 120 million of the budget to build the best national diffuse large piece as the largest Chinese animation industry customized operations center, Kung Fu animation market valuation of more than 1 billion 500 million yuan. Animation film production is growing at an annual rate of 10-20, the industry’s attention. Animation film is one of the commanding heights of the current animation, animation industry is leading to the high value-added. Li Zhubing said, Kung Fu invincible pig eight quit is the first to seize the commanding heights martial arts animation. In recent years, as the most professional animation animation marketing company, the industry continues to integrate the whole industry chain upstream and downstream. For the Chinese animation industry market understanding, insight into the consumer is different from a variety of film and television animation company, has been widely recognized by investors. The Kung Fu, animation and investors to raise funds for the 120 million "Kung Fu invincible pig" project, the investment cost is much higher than the "return", "big fish" Begonia etc. among the best in the China animation film, animation. It is worth noting that Kung Fu animation in the production level and cost control has been in the industry is relatively high level. Li Zhubing said that through the integration of resources, control cost, will create 120 million Kung Fu cartoon animation movie 200 million making effect, make a real can get China cartoon movie shot in the world. Hollywood lineup to open up the country’s strongest lineup of 120 million film how to spend? According to Li Zhubing introduction, the previous works will be the most expensive in whole project, "Kung Fu invincible pig" in order to ensure the quality of film production, will spend heavily with global production mode: screenwriter, art, creative and shots all the preliminary work will be completed in the United States, in which the International Creative will be completed by the middle of the production; Asia’s top production team, to ensure the production quality of the top; the late dubbing will also enable first-line star. The international team has started to contract, the Hollywood team pre production team is undoubtedly the most popular, the screenwriter team, animation director, storyboard and art team have been involved in Hollywood so far the top animation, such as "Shrek" and "Madagascar" in.相关的主题文章: