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Ji’nan thorough investigation of driving up prices and other 8 kinds of behavior in the enterprise credit archives of Ji’nan thorough investigation of driving up prices and other 8 violations of the Xinhua News Agency Ji’nan October 7th news (reporter Wang Zhi) to regulate the real estate market order, Ji’nan city urban construction, land resources, urban management and law enforcement, industry and commerce, price and other departments jointly launched a month of real estate market the transaction order centralized inspection, thorough investigation of the development of enterprises made tight supply and drive up prices of 8 types of violations. Recently, the Ji’nan urban and Rural Construction Committee Hengda Group, China Sea real estate development projects in Ji’nan illegal sales, online auction behavior were processed. Among them, Ji’nan Hengda Group Company development "Yufeng" Hengda Hengda "river left bank" two projects, a whoop and a holler deliberately speculation, there thousands of people to grab real chaos, man-made buyers panic, was ordered to immediately stop the breach, which was suspended in Ji’nan all in the construction of real estate pre-sale approval and sign. The violations over urban law enforcement agencies for punishment. The development and construction of Ji’nan real estate investment company of the international community in the C1 block, pre-sale permit, to through the online platform by setting lower price auction sales, malicious raise prices, was ordered to immediately stop the online auction house, the matters have been suspended on all project related procedures in Ji’nan. Ji’nan City, the real estate market transaction order inspection will focus on checking the pre-sale permit commercial housing projects, with the electricity supplier, group purchase subscription, booking, arranging, VIP card payment charged to the buyer or a collection of deposit, pre paid expenses; illegal propaganda, exaggerated publicity, publication of false advertising law, illegal conduct and participate in marketing activities, fraud and induced consumer behavior. For pre-sale permit commercial housing projects, Ji’nan will prosecute not in accordance with the provisions of one-time open houses, not the implementation of price tag; the same batch of pre-sale real estate in a short period of time sales price increase is too large; deliberately take the extremely high price of sale or contract for the sale of commodity housing by signing a false way, the existence of man-made source of tension, hoarding, drive up prices, property hoarding behavior. In addition, Ji’nan will also prosecute the development of enterprises, real estate intermediary speculation down in the opening, in violation of the people purchase rights and other damage to the healthy development of real estate market behavior; fails to perform land transfer contract agreement, unpaid leasing, malicious speculation and hoarding of land land; provident fund loan conditions, the development of enterprises to not with the buyers to apply for housing provident fund loans procedures or raise the housing provident fund loans threshold violations. Ji’nan clear, the existence of irregularities in the conduct of the business will be ordered to rectify the deadline for serious violations of the enterprise will be punished according to law, credited to the enterprise credit information file, and to be exposed. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: