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Visit the India P2P net loan platform Lendbox founder: India regulators did not keep up with the pace of development of P2P Lendbox co-founder and CEO Ekmeet Singh, the Tencent of science and technology Xu Anna in August 24th, the CBRC issued the "Interim Measures" business management information network lending intermediaries, P2P borrowing limit has become a focus of the Interim Measures of concern, at the same time only the banking financial institutions to depository of funds, P2P, the third party payment, to raise public equity is defined as the small public equity financing activities through the Internet in the form of. China Banking Regulatory Commission Interim Measures on the Internet financial practitioners caused varying degrees of influence. So what kind of regulatory policies are practitioners in India, where P2P is a "gold mine"? The whole industry is in what stage? Tencent technology interview with a India P2P practitioners, to understand the progress of the side of the net loan industry in India. He is the founder of Ekmeet Lendbox Singh. Lendbox is India’s leading P2P net loan platform, designed to be good reputation, but it is difficult to obtain loans through traditional financial system lenders, and investors who want to find more investment opportunities linked. The following is an interview memoir: Tencent science and technology: how do you think of the P2P net loan industry in India? What are the challenges facing most platforms at this stage? Ekmeet: in India, P2P net loan is still in a very early stage. This industry will grow faster in the future, the scale will be greater. India has a large population of open bank account. In India, 40% of adults use informal access to financial services, which are often costly and cumbersome. P2P net loan to fill the gaps in the financial sector in India, to improve the financial inclusion. In the investor side, P2P net loan to bring them new investment opportunities to help them get a higher return. Relatively speaking, P2P net loan safer, can bring recurring cash flow, which is expected to retail investors in India. More elements will be added to the business in the future, not just simple personal and small business loans. We will also see more advanced transaction security algorithms and cash management systems. On the basis of traditional financial institutions and banking systems, P2P net loan will become a disruptive competition participants. The major challenges facing the industry include: – customer education. Both investors and borrowers, users are still not fully aware of the advantages of P2P net loan system, way of working, so the user’s acceptance rate is still not reached expected. – regulatory restrictions. India regulators have not kept pace with the development of P2P net loan. Regulatory intervention will enhance the confidence of users and venture circle for us. (Tencent technology note: on April 2016, the India savings bank (RBI) released a P2P lending concept document to solicit public opinion). It is not easy to hire the right people. This has always been the case. It is always difficult to get the right people at the right price. Tencent Technology: Lendbox how to open!相关的主题文章: