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The brain in the womb, the role of blood vessels is more than transportation pipeline – the latest research technology of Sohu of University College London showed that blood vessels play an important role in stem cell division and differentiation, can induce mouse brain growth and development in the womb. The study was funded by Wellcome, a British biomedical research foundation, and published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). It is found that the number of neural stem cells can be increased by the blood vessels in the organism. This finding has important implications for the use of stem cells for the repair of damaged or diseased nervous systems. In the process of brain development, new nerve cells are differentiated from neural stem cells in specific regions. In these regions, neural stem cells differentiate into different neurons at different time and frequency. However, it is unclear how this process is regulated. "We found that blood vessels are important in guiding neural stem cell division time and manner." The corresponding author, University College London Institute of Ophthalmology Matthew · (Mathew Tata); Tata explained, "an important role in brain stem respiration, heart rate and other basic life activities based on, we tested the mice brain stem neural stem cells in the absence of the development of vascular protein under the condition of NRP1." Preventing the growth of nerve cells in the region can interfere with the normal division of neurons and the ability of neural stem cells to lose their ability to divide. In this way, the neural stem cells in the brain stem will disappear and run out before they are completed. This explains the reasons for the lack of NRP1 in mouse brain stem. This study demonstrates for the first time that blood vessels affect brain development not only by transporting blood, but also as an important role in the induction of stem cell differentiation. "It is generally believed that blood vessels play an important role in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the brain." The main author of the paper (senior author), University College London researcher Christiana · Ruberg (Christiana Ruhrberg) said, "this study reveals the vessels not only by providing oxygen or to maintain brain health to regulate the activity of neural stem cells in the brain stem, in the differentiation of neural stem cells can not be differentiated neural cells before for a long time, blood vessels provide important guidance of neural stem cell differentiation signal." Editor: Fawzia reference: recruitment editing, visual design, intern (compilation) location: Beijing contact: hr@mittrchina MIT Technology Review China only copyright partner, any institution or individual without permission, shall not be reproduced without authorization and translation. This is the circle of friends to share相关的主题文章: