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IDG investment Qiming company to run errands winter turnaround, lazy people earn good money? The small table technology – Sohu new media reporter Zhou Xiaoyan editor He Bin in 2015, the subsidy war many O2O enterprises to expand, let o interest CEO Liu Weili discusses until now is still impressive. At that time, each completed orders were given to all adjacent interested users and errands little brother certain subsidies, plus operating costs, in the fierce competition, the loss of millions of dollars". "But in July of this year, our profit reached 1 million yuan," Liu Weili, the founder of neighboring fun told the small table. Turning point occurred in the second half of 2015, when the surrounding O2O enterprises still indulge in the burn of the war game, when Liu Weili realized a BUG appeared at O2O, immediately halt subsidies, let the interest neighbor at the operating level achieved positive cash flow. Rely on subsidies to obtain the user is not desirable. "Burn for consumers, and ran all the concessions to come, once the subsidies stopped, this part of the user will be lost." Liu Weili believes that the need to have fun around the adjacent middle class and white-collar users of consumer demand to carry out services and fees, their money may be able to walk a way out. The adjacent services provided by Liu Weili’s keen interest, the interest o become one of the few surviving O2O. O by Crowdsourcing interest, concentration of idle time blue collar community, providing personalized service for white-collar crowd "errands". O the fun run errands brother, except for the user to distribution of daily food and drink with other commodities, can also provide such items as "invisible glasses", in a hospital or popular restaurant help "queue" personalized services. Last year, its interest has been completed by the IDG capital, Qiming venture jointly invested tens of millions of dollars B round of financing. Based on the data to expand the category, first hit the high frequency and then play the low tech people have wanted to do social feelings, they believe that the social model is light, and can erupt." In 2014, based on the social dream, programmer Liu Weili was born, on the largest neighborhood social APP "Nextdoor", the establishment of "fun in the Shanghai neighborhood". At the beginning, adjacent to the fruit as a single product for the entrance, so that the distribution of fruits through the neighborhood between social behavior. However, in the case of a weak chain of relations between China’s neighbors, Liu Weili found that this model is difficult to run through. So, he decided to change the direction of entrepreneurship, so that the connection between the community and the fruit shop owner fruit O2O company, but the store owner’s spare time is limited, not always able to deliver, it is difficult to meet the user experience. The early start, my partner and I have no external capital support, do not have enough funds to construct the logistics team under the line, Liu Weili decided to use the Crowdsourcing model to solve logistics problems, through the interest APP order to mobilize, O delivery and tracking of errands brother. The neighbor boring errands little brother Crowdsourcing mode effect is very obvious, the rapid growth of users, but the single category not greatly enhance the orders, expand the category of imminent. Subsequently, Liu Weili from the background to observe the different categories of goods orders.相关的主题文章: