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Francis · Bacon: I have to mind football. Nietzsche’s 54 year old Francis · Bacon in his studio with a stupid thief: George · the tragic story of DELL for ten years Nuelian if not met you, I will be? We   desperate romantics and ten years of Sadomasochism   Francis · Bacon (Francis Bacon 1909-1992) is the twentieth Century outstanding master of art, but also the life looking for, hurt his lonely people." Francis · Bacon Francis Bacon – Bacon studio (George Dyer) Mousika inspired DELL pictures movie "desperate romantics" (Love is the Devil) at the beginning, clumsy thief from the roof fell down by the painter caught a present. "Take off your clothes," the artist looked at the thief, licks his lips, "come to my bed, you can get what you want." In the real world, the story happened in 1963, 54 year old Francis · the two storey building Bacon moved to South Kensington was converted into a stable, has also ushered in the most productive period of his creativity. His studio filled with canvas, works, pigment, without any valuable things. That night, this is called George · DELL (George Dyer) the man who chose to stay, then, a thief and a great artist began a period of ten years of sadomasochism. We   Bacon is poor lover Francis ·   Francis Bacon Bacon – Bacon in 1962, by John Deakin for Vogue DELL began as Bacon model and lover, appeared in Bacon’s life. In the art exhibition, Bacon works against those pointing in front of DELL; in the home, Bacon according to their own preferences for the DELL suit; in the bar, DELL introduced Bacon to a friend, listen to those who speak foul language; in a formal social occasion, Bacon and those artists and celebrities a heated discussion aside, DELL is suddenly silent…… DELL gradually found himself very dependent on Bacon, paradoxically, Bacon’s sophisticated malicious social circle and make himself very suffocation. Francis · Bacon Francis Bacon Bacon in London despite the messy studio experience and gangs of DELL are inextricably linked, but in fact, he is a fragile young man — vulnerable to no ability to deal with the painter who cruel brilliance. According to Bacon’s biographer Michael · Bacon, friendship between old and young people; the peppiatt, George · DELL is a very kind and gentle, even"相关的主题文章: