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Health Many people want to treat hypothyroidism safely and effectively using natural treatments. Often doctors will re.mend treatment with prescription medications that help support thyroid function. You should always follow the re.mendations of a qualified healthcare practitioner when treating any health condition. There are many supportive therapies that can support the body and improve thyroid function in the long-term however. Under the care of a qualified health care provider these may prove beneficial. You should also consult with a healthcare provider about treating underlying disease processes that may be contributing to your overall health. Often people with hypothyroidism have underlying disease processes that contribute to their symptoms. For example, it is not un.mon for someone with hypothyroidism disease to have an underlying autoimmune condition. If you treat the autoimmune condition it is very likely you will find the symptoms of hypothyroidism will improve dramatically as you are removing the cause of your illness. Hypothyroidism – Natural Treatments So what are some natural treatments for hypothyroidism? Here are some suggestions for treating hypothyroidism naturally. Look into treating hypothyroidism with natural thyroid remedies, which may be available from your qualified health care professional. These include desiccated thyroid which is thyroid hormone derived from the thyroid glands of pigs. This may not work for someone that is vegetarian. Examples of this include Armour Thyroid supplement and Westhroid. You have to have a prescription to acquire these medications just as you would ordinary synthetic thyroid, but some people prefer this over manufactured levothyroxine which is a synthetic thyroid hormone. If you are interested in treating with natural remedies, you should also consider using herbs to help balance your thyroid hormones and improve thyroid function. Consider supplements that may help support your thyroid gland. Some health providers re.mend supplements that help support they thyroid gland. There are many nutrients that can support the thyroid gland. Some of these include: * Iodine * Selenium * Vitamin E * Zinc * Amino Acids You can get many of these by taking a high quality multi-vitamin every day, or a healthcare provider may re.mend additional supplementation. Many of these items can also be acquired through healthy eating. If you are not in good health however, your body may not be absorbing the vitamins you need through food alone, so supplementation would make sense. There are also some foods that may inhibit the absorption of synthetic or natural thyroid supplementation, so you may want to avoid eating them while taking supplements. These can include foods with soy in them, walnuts, calcium supplements and iron supplements. Food That Supports Thyroid Function Some foods can support thyroid function. These include foods copper in them, among many other nutrients. Foods containing copper include foods like cocoa, clams, oysters, cashews, sunflower seeds and meats like liver or other organ meats. Other foods that help support thyroid function include foods with Vitamin C including tomatoes, berries and other fruits. Sea vegetables including kelp help purify the blood and according to many natural health providers can stimulate proper thyroid function due to iodine content. Remember, when you work to keep your whole body healthy, your thyroid gland is most likely to function at its best. Try to find a qualified health care provider to work with you when treating hypothyroidism and together you can work to improve your total body health in the short-term and for the years to .e. About the Author: fundamental principles of hair: what it is, how it grows, what program fundamentals of hair: what it truly is, the way it grows, what process 相关的主题文章: