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How do help small tadpoles swim into the uterus on the right side of the mother – Sohu AA after ovulation, I was lying right half an hour -1 hour, we remember that AA end to side of the side lying ovulation summary good pregnancy experience: 1 eat traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture conditioning does not give up; 2 eat Chasteberry (supplement progesterone) evening primrose, cranberry and endocrine conditioning; 3! 4 drink black beans + soybean powder, wheat germ powder husband drink; 5 days of global foot hold; 6 every day to eat bird’s nest and fish maw, nourishing yin; 7 grasp the strong weak positive time AA; 8 fourth 5 days after ovulation, when skipping, helping the fertilized eggs swim into the uterus; 9 6 days after ovulation start to rest less help relax implantation; 10 good pregnant right away! My husband —————————————– 89 years 86 years 13 years after a full-term birth daughter by until 15 years beginning in April two to prepare pregnant no treasure and gone to a Chinese medicine for 2 months and second months after the intermittent flow on brown and red secretions trembling over the first 26 weeks of the March peace thought have a fever due to the infection did not keep the grief after premature anxious to get pregnant again put the baby back for 26 weeks of fetal be quite large. I am so natural birth is also a return to finish the month I find Chinese medicine (a) to start conditioning my pulse is my blood two anyway, all kinds of deficiency of Yin deficiency and yang deficiency of my first Chinese virtual… So began acupuncture does not stop because I hurry so I in the month after the first after menstruation began to prepare pregnant counting ovulation period lessons from June until the beginning of August by David PLSZ every time that can be measured in Qiangyang in Qiangyang also arranged for almost 3 days in a row the homework I have no time to AA but is not in I think I may be the uterus has not recovered well from September began acupuncture once a week to 2 times a week is still the ovulation period of traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine said that my follicle length than previous months are larger and have more than 1 times! I want to have this month, the follicle is very good! The aunt is still here… I have to crash 2 times of ovulation to AA per month (my husband too much pressure, not all) once this month when aunt arrives at that time anyway I don’t want to see people without thinking quickly with great pressure about my child was a good pregnancy during September 15th last menstruation drink a few the day after the end of ginger brown sugar water bought Australia cranberry, evening primrose and Chasteberry (I eat in Australia need to treasure the mother can find me purchasing!) Take the medicine at the same time I also bought every black bean powder and soybean meal to drink a cup of husband and gave him a drink of wheat germ powder 1-2 times a week fitness (yoga, running) and then to the ovulation period.相关的主题文章: