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Small Business The many PR companies that now inundate the public relations sector bring an interesting set of advantages and challenges for businesses that seek these services. On the one hand, the public relations support that was once reserved for the IBMs and GEs of the world is now far more accessible to smaller companies. On the other hand, its a daunting task to sort through the numerous contenders to select a quality public relations firm that can help you reach your business objectives. When you need a partner that will ensure a return on your investment and take your business to the next level, use the following criteria to choose the right PR firm. 1. Consider the size of the PR company you want to hire. Your selection of a large PR marketing company or small to mid-size firm is a function of your budget, the amount of personal attention you require, the size of your ideal PR account team and the extent of your public relations outreach. A substantial retainer for basic services typically accompanies a large PR and marketing company. While these public relations giants may commit a larger team to your account and offer a wider reach for your brand, they often falter when it comes to providing personal attention. Large business to business PR firms are best suited for equally large, established companies, not start-ups or small to mid-sized businesses. 2. Confirm the track record of all potential PR firms. Never fall for a company that is all flash and no substance. If your PR candidate cannot furnish verifiable examples of previously completed projects, media placements and instances of past successes, then it cannot deliver for you. Always insist that the candidate substantiate its body of work. Your bottom line will thank you. 3. Choose a PR partner whose values directly reflect your own. Your public relations firm will be the front line of your business, your brand ambassador. It is crucial that your partner understand, appreciate and share your vision of your company. An effective test is to ask your prospective PR team how they see your product, who they believe your target audience to be and how they envision positioning your product vis–vis both the media and future customers. If they cannot articulate a plan that falls in line with your overall vision, how will they be able to convey your message to the general public? Berbay Corp., a public relations and professional services branding firm, meets these simple, yet penetrating criteria and looks forward to surpassing your PR expectations. For more details, visit .berbay… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: