Harbin seven year old boy playing glass ball swallowing difficulty breathing life is on the line. ravbin

Harbin seven year old boy playing glass ball swallowing difficulty breathing life on the line to Washington (reporter Cui Mingming Xu Jinsong Li Hong) the afternoon of October 30th, take a glass ball Harbin is a 7 year old boy playing, difficulty breathing life on the line, the relay rescue paramedics finally save lives. At 14:20 the same day, the provincial hospital emergency department suddenly broke into a man and a woman, holding a boy, the woman cried for help. The doctor on duty quickly admissions, at this time the boy lips purple, breathing extremely difficult, restless, both sides of the mouth and fresh blood, examination found that heart rate increased, blood pressure increased, blood oxygen saturation has dropped to 60%, the child has been in a state of severe hypoxia. The boy was 7 years old, and he was playing with a glass ball in the room one afternoon. Suddenly he ran to his mother, his face red and his finger pointed to his mouth, his expression was painful. The mother rushed out of the house with her child and stopped a taxi and sent him to the emergency department of the provincial hospital. Because the child’s condition crisis has not allowed to be hospitalized again after treatment, the doctor decided to rescue in situ, and asked the Department of ENT, anesthesia doctor consultation. The doctor on duty quickly carry on first aid to the boy, at the Department of Anesthesiology and the Department of ENT ward and outpatient doctor respectively with value class rescue equipment rushed to the emergency department. "I’ll try it with a straight laryngoscope. If you can’t get it out, do the tracheotomy." The doctor started the operation with his doctor’s advice. Rescue all the smooth, a diameter of 2 cm glass ball was removed from the throat of the throat, throat thoroughfare was opened, breathing instant unobstructed, the child’s face gradually rosy. Doctors say that if 5 minutes later, the boy will suffer from suffocation.

哈市七岁男孩玩耍时吞玻璃球 呼吸困难命悬一线   本报讯(徐劲松李红记者崔明明)10月30日下午,哈市一7岁男孩玩耍时吞下一枚玻璃球,呼吸困难命悬一线,医护人员接力救援终于挽救性命。   当日14时20分,省医院急诊科突然闯进来一男一女,怀抱着一个男孩,女子边哭边呼救。值班医生迅速接诊,此时男孩嘴唇青紫、呼吸极度困难、躁动不安、两侧嘴角还有新鲜的血迹,检查发现心率增快、血压增高、血氧饱和度已下降至60%,孩子已处于严重缺氧状态。   男孩今年7岁,当天下午一个人在屋子里玩玻璃球。他突然跑到妈妈面前,脸憋得通红用手指着嘴,表情很痛苦。孩子妈妈赶紧抱着孩子冲出屋子,拦了一辆出租车将他送到了省医院急诊科。   由于孩子的病情危机已不允许入院后再进行救治,医生决定就地抢救,并请耳鼻喉科、麻醉科医生会诊。值班医生迅速对男孩进行急救,此时麻醉科、耳鼻喉科病房和门诊徝班医生分别带着抢救设备赶到急诊科。“我先用直达喉镜试试看,如果不能顺利取出,做好气管切开准备。”医生一边下医嘱一边开始操作。   抢救一切顺利,一个直径2厘米的玻璃球被从咽喉的声门处取出,咽喉要道一下被打通,呼吸瞬间通畅,孩子脸色逐渐红润。医生表示,如果再晚5分钟,男孩就会因窒息而发生不测。相关的主题文章: