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Google will close Play Store Education Edition blame Android tablet Suck – Sohu technology about two years ago, Google released a version of the Play education Store, namely Play for Education project, in order to take Android tablet computer to school. But for a long time on the news are not many, until today — Google announced its closure. Google said that the sale of Play for Education in March 14th. It is reported that Google will continue to support the existing Play for Education tablet computer users, until their demise. Apparently Play for Education failed, but Google is not bad news. Google introduced the purpose of the project is in the American education promotion Android tablet computer. However, this does not allow the Android tablet computer in the position in the market how to improve, but gave a Chromebook notebook computer assists, which occupies an important share in the education market. This also caused the apple and Microsoft concerns, Google is also committed to improving the performance of ChromeOS. So basically, Google currently focus in the education market is Chrome — not the Android tablet — so also no longer need to Play for Education. Via The Verge

谷歌将关闭教育版Play Store 都怪安卓平板不给力-搜狐科技      大约两年前,谷歌发布了一个教育版的Play Store,即Play for Education项目,以期将Android平板电脑推向学校。但一直以来关于其的消息都不多,直至今日――谷歌宣布要将其关闭。谷歌表示,将在3月14日停售Play for Education授权。   据悉,谷歌仍继续支持现有的Play for Education用户,直到他们的平板电脑寿终正寝。   显然Play for Education是失败了,但对谷歌来说并不是坏消息。谷歌推出该项目的目的,是在美国教育界推广Android平板电脑。但是,这没有让Android平板电脑在市场中的地位有多大提升,反而给了Chromebook笔记本电脑一个助攻,后者在教育市场占有重要份额。这还引起了苹果和微软的担忧,而谷歌也致力于改善ChromeOS的性能。所以从根本上说,谷歌目前在教育市场的重点是Chrome――而不是安卓平板――因此也不再需要Play for Education了。   via The Verge相关的主题文章: