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Careers-Employment Over the years I have worked with numerous people on career development, from the high flyers in the city to mothers that wanted to start a home based business. Some of the people that I worked with said that they had their dream job, or it would be if only they could get a pay rise and be adequately paid for the great job that they do. So if you are one of these guys, I have made a short list of tips that you can use to work towards that all important pay rise that you so rightly deserve! 1.Before you speak with the boss, think about the contribution that you make to the .pany and then highlight this to him in talks. Think about past projects that you have achieved for him and current stuff that you are achieving that needs you for .pletion. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself, but do remember to not over sell yourself. 2..e up with a figure that you want and know that your boss can say yes’ too. Just aim high, however be realistic. If you aim too high then you run the risk of your boss not taking you seriously from the start. Remember that instead of one massive hike in your pay right now it may be the best thing to encourage several smaller hikes over the next few years. 3.Just like your needs your boss will want certain things too. Make sure that you are ready and willing to offer these in negotiations. There might be a slight change in your working times, a move to another department or even a promotion that you would need to prepare for and take. Remember that you are asking your boss to be flexible, so you may need to be flexible too. 4..e up with a backup plan. What if all goes wrong and he says no? Will you stay in the same position, with the same wage? Or will you move to another .pany? Obviously both have positives and negatives and this is one that only you will be able to decide. However have plan b’ clear in your mind before you go in to negotiate your wage. So there you have it. My top tips to getting a pay rise. Use them wisely and put them to good use getting the result and life that you want. And good luck! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: