Game new! The first album released

"GAME NEW! "The first album sold hot summer fan" NEW GAME! "Takes about a group of adorable sister game daily. I believe you are a gentleman to play all these adorable sister impressive woman in the original author Tokuno Masataro pen more shine. Yesterday (September 27th) is the first album to de taro "NEW GAME! FAIRIES STORY album "officially on sale, we finally have the opportunity to feel directly through the album have charm oh girl! "GAME NEW! "Is to masataro creation of four comic works by cartoonist, released in January 2013 to short form, after the vote by readers and yoshibumi’s serial in" Manga Time Kirara ~Carat~ "magazine serialized and issue. (album cover) "NEW GAME! By FAIRIES STORY "included in the magazine include" Manga Time illustrator Kirara ~Carat~ "series, created by Tokuno Masataro, a large number of color illustrations cover arts beauty figure, but there are a lot of character set. The comic actress leaves team production of "FAIRIES STORY" game "PECO" will be set in the painting on the open, but also included lengthy interview with author Tokuno Masataro. Fans do not miss oh!相关的主题文章: