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Followed by a hot play "psychological warfare"   "really impossible to guard against telecommunications fraud"? Original title: –IT–, followed by a hot play "psychological warfare", "really impossible to guard against telecommunications fraud"? Recently, a telecommunications fraud cases are reported. In recent years, especially in primary and secondary schools have become a high incidence of telecommunications fraud. Reporters found that telecommunications fraud growth trend alarming, the Ministry of public security data show that in 2011, 2012, 2013 national communications fraud cases were 100 thousand, 170 thousand, 300 thousand, average annual growth of more than 70%. 2015 national telecommunications fraud involving up to 20 billion, Jiangsu has a huge amount of up to 1 billion 600 million. According to the telecommunications network fraud crime seriously, all over the country to carry out combat management of telecommunication network crime, the day before the reporter from the Jiangsu China Mobile company was informed that the company only intercept spam messages number, monthly average of 4 million to 6 million. Followed by a hot, updated means of telecommunications fraud "get in by every opening the new semester started, this is your child’s placement results and curriculum…… Please refer to." The day before a lot of parents received this message. But once you "curious" point to open the link in the message, then it means "fooled". Some time ago, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications associate Xu Yuyu and Shandong University of Technology students, these two sudden death of college students shocked the country in the case of the. With the advent of the school, all kinds of fraud SMS, telephone fraud is rampant, it is impossible to guard against. SMS fraud not only keeping social hot spots, and tricks ever-changing patterns. Health care reform measures come out, Medicare card upgrade telecommunications fraud cases on multiple. The country has sustained anti-corruption, discipline cadres to crooks posing as the bulk SMS, said payment can double 150 thousand. And one to the school, as schools and education departments and teachers have begun to telecommunications fraud rampant, and Telecommunications fraud script has begun to use the knowledge of psychology, specifically for the weaknesses of human nature and the demands of different groups to design scheme, make people impossible to guard against. In addition, the technology is also constantly evolving liar." A senior expert in the communications industry, said take what we are familiar with phishing sites in terms of criminals can be within 2 hours, the phishing site completely replaced, there is no time to intercept. There are a lot of people believe that the pseudo base station heard, criminals driving or riding a motorcycle carrying pseudo base station equipment, to a place where a mad fraud or selling messages, send immediately ran, liquidity is very strong. The lack of legal support is an important reason for ineffective combat information security of Jiangsu mobile network and information security management center emergency room leader told reporters in an interview in the town, to cooperate with the police to combat criminals SMS fraud, in recent years, Jiangsu Mobile has taken a lot of measures and technology. For example, known as "the history of the most stringent" real name system, mobile business must provide a valid identity certificate, in addition, easier by criminals and 400 voice line number also in regulate. Jiangsu mobile also focus on the construction of relevant technical means, such as’ pseudo base ‘, we monitor through the pseudo base station相关的主题文章: