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Marketing In the pre-internet period, executing a marketing campaign required the use of the postal services, which included the high cost of printing, getting addresses of potential clients, stamps, etc. There was the additional concern about whether your mail had reached its target customer. With the inception of the internet, most people received some sort of email from .panies advertising a new product. This type of marketing using the internet is called online email marketing and entails sending your message to a targeted audience about your product. This type of mail is usually sent electronically by email marketing .panies and consists of a specific business request or a type of sales promotion. There are numerous .panies offering this service, and one of the leading providers of email marketing is Emercury. From Its Humble Beginnings This email marketing .pany began as an extension of Prestige Technologies that evolved into a niche market of its own. It was spun off as an independent division in 2005, when it was discovered that online email marketing was turning into a profitable business. Emercury provides many different types of services. Their mantra is to get the clients message to the right people in the most efficient and financially viable manner using the electronic media. This type of email marketing includes the mailing of newsletters to regular subscribers, as well as, promotions for a new product. What Do I Get For My Money? Emercury uses the latest email marketing software, which helps you visualize and manage your email campaign. Your campaign could be tailor-made to suit a specific requirement or could be individually customized with various email templates. Emercury also offers the means of monitoring the end result of your marketing campaign, like how many customers received the email, opened it, bounced, and responded. Email marketing .panies like Emercury also provide services like bulk emailing. This allows you to use specific email marketing software to reach thousands of potential customers efficiently in a very small timeframe. Emercury For Speed, .merce, and Trade In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Mercury was known as the god of speed, .merce, and trade, which fits well with what an email marketing .pany like Emercury. Using Emercury means you will get your message to your target audience quickly and securely, while helping your business grow more efficiently. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: