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Eat this medicine to pay, Wang can play is still holding split up and smoke – Sohu (Wen Yang Fuji) technology after the BAT merger two or three line fish, the domestic Internet haven’t how naughty. Recently, a pool of still water, but was looking for Dad and big new cheating news stirred up no small movement. Earlier there were rumors of new large to buy rice, several rounds of speculation after the spread of streets and lanes, even woman and children all know. After an anti cycle of the normal, long heard the thunder has not seen the rain. Tight lipped, Xinmei aspects of glutinous rice, repeatedly to clarify the rumor. And the group after the capsize, Ali group from the United States to the new large withdrawals, competing products hungry. Last week, the new big just bought third party payment purse treasure, against Ali’s reputation and Baidu’s rice, put a tear open posture. For a time, all the news about the new rumors rampant, but also from the new can be heard without end, a second small part, jump to the fore. For the domestic Internet fourth desire completely bared there and then. Of course, if I am Wang, I will not venture with Baidu Nuomi, Ali hungry, Ctrip three competitions. Because I’m not Zhou Hong?. First, I do not live as old week. Second, now the war, tired is not only in public relations and legal consumption, as well as real money. Wang Xing is now the most lack of money. If I were King Hing, at this point, let me spend billions of dollars to buy a purse treasure, really need to have superhuman courage. Because, first, the acquisition of a treasure, does not mean that the new power in the short term reputation against Ali and Baidu Nuomi. Otherwise, the money for the time thing, the king of the giants who did it early, do not have to accumulate so many years of bitter haha. Second, when difficulties arise in external financing, internal layoffs, spend billions of dollars to acquire a third payment license, is not, it is tantamount to a fundamental solution. The risk of this move is really not small, after all, or because of lack of money. But there is no way. Wang Xing and the new high behind investors to become a Chinese Internet fourth pole, always take the risk. If I were King Hing, at this time the face of Baidu, Ali, Ctrip has to face; with the cast G round investors stop loss profitability requirements, I can do nothing but also can stall, split up and smoke. A stall, if not a serial entrepreneur, Wang Xing might like that in Jiayuan, "small is beautiful", retire after winning merit. But unwilling. The desire to become the fourth pole, pushing him all the way forward, can not look back. At the end of June last year, Baidu said publicly that Baidu Nuomi is an important carrier of Baidu link people and services, and will invest 20 billion to Baidu Nuomi. Perhaps it is precisely because of this, Baidu announced to invest 20 billion of Baidu Nuomi’s three months later, the U.S. group and the public comment forced merger. At that time, it is at a disadvantage U.S. group Wang Xing, but eventually both investors selected, replaced the gentle comments Zhang Tao, new large trader. Wang Xingyuan thought the United States mission.相关的主题文章: