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Delicious fruit tart – Sohu and caska sauce really collocation what will be very delicious!! Just bake a tart, collocation caska sauce, add some fruit decorate, a good-looking and delicious dessert finished with ease. Tart: low powder 200 grams, 100 grams of butter, egg, sugar 60 grams, salt 1 teaspoon caska sauce: 150 grams of milk, 2 egg, sugar 30 grams, 10 grams of corn starch, fruit practice: 1, first make caska sauce. With fine sugar egg yolk, beat until pale yellow 2, add milk to stir 3, sieve into the corn starch mix 4, mix the liquid into the milk in the pot, small fire heating, with a hand mixer has been stirring until thick and avoid the batter cooked paste 5, cooked after take water and mix until smooth, then refrigerate for 6, then making a tart. Butter soften at room temperature after adding sugar with an electric mixer sent to 7, adding a fluffy egg, continue beating 8, sieve into the flour, mix 9 smooth, knead the dough on the back cover of plastic wrap, put the refrigerator for 1 hours, 10 good, refrigerated dough relaxation tart leather group remove with a rolling pin roll into a 3mm thick sheet, with 11 out of 12, with other Egg Tart mold hand uniform compaction 13, into the middle of preheated oven, on the fire of 180 degrees, bake for 20 minutes or 14, baked out after cooling into ice caska good sauce, diced fruit will swing, enjoy can be finished相关的主题文章: