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Insurance If I died tomorrow, would everything be taken care of? It’s one of those questions that everyone should ask but no one likes to. After all, it’s kind of morbid to dwell on one’s own mortality. Still, failing to take it into consideration can be financially disastrous for those who depend on you. When determining if you need life insurance, it’s best to consider your financial responsibilities. For example, do you have family members who depend on your in.e? Do you have personal debts? How much would your funeral cost? Unfortunately, death is more expensive than most people think, involving more than a few costs that many fail to take into account. Here are a few things to think about when deciding if life insurance is right for you and your loved ones. Financial support for your spouse and dependents. If you’re the breadwinner of the household and don’t have significant savings, consider the basic cost of living for those who depend on your in.e. How long would it take for them to be.e financially self-sufficient? How much would they need to get by for that long? Personal debts. Most people have one or more forms of personal debt, be it a mortgage, car loan, college loan, credit card, or the like. If you died tomorrow, how much of that debt would be left unpaid? Would your family be able to handle the additional financial burden? Funeral and other death-related expenses. Most people consider the likely cost of a funeral when they think of life insurance, but few consider the potential costs associated with the circumstances of death. Especially in the case of premature death, there may also be medical or legal expenses involved. Would your other forms of insurance cover all of the potential costs? If not, could your family pay for them? Estate expenses. Depending on the state in which you live and the manner in which your estate is set up, your properties and assets may go through probate for months before they are properly distributed to your loved ones. Will your family be able to wait while your estate is settled? Will they be able to afford the probate court and attorney costs, as well as any estate taxes? If you’re single with no family members who rely on your in.e, it’s unlikely that you’d need more life insurance than necessary to cover your funeral expenses and existing personal debts. If you have family that depends on you, however, the need for life insurance, and the potential consequences of not having it, may be more significant than you realize. The question isn’t, Do I need life insurance? The real question you should be asking is, If I died tomorrow, would my loved ones be able to pay all of these expenses? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: