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Deep grilled Victoria Secret Angel Super cruel figure, you meet a few? Introduction: growth in this "red" index of the times, Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper is more than a generation, recently an American girl is more and more hot, on the cover, commercials, become the new star angel’s pitch… The girl is beyond the ken of visual beans and Gigi, become the new Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, but after all she meets the most brutal in the history of a standard! (source: Claire network)? She is America’s sweetheart Taylor Hill? The girl was born in 1996, when 14 years of the first landing on the stage of Vitoria’s secret, and has now become the new masters of the angel’s ready to pitch. At last year’s Vitoria show, the American dream is wearing beautiful girl she is up 15 and 16 years is the peak of her career, N gains much brand shows and advertising, has become a "brush face" sweet girl. Taylor Hill for Atelier Versace HauteCouture Fall Show Taylor Hill for Michael 2016 Kors BohemianSummer 2016 Taylor Hill for Marchesa F W 16 Show but not thin Yan high value can walk even when today’s angel, Xiao Jia came to you how Scrabble at home can also be an angel with a perfect figure get! Victoria’s Secret "figure requires about 1.75 metres in height, waist circumference 61 cm 61 cm waist circumference is 1 feet and 8 inches in 3 yards, have been properly referred to as" waistline ". The Taylor’s waist is 56 cm, is simply the reality version of the small waist fine". This slender waist is really a hand can hold. Can lay the embodiment of the "small waist fine action: abdominal volume movement advanced version, will be cross, and then use the power of the abdomen to do sit ups. Action two: lying on the ground, try to lift your legs high tension leg. Action three: lying on the ground, legs apart in the sky D shape up. Supermodel turned Buff: lying can not delay the beautiful home every day feel tired not to want to give yourself a mask reward? Just lying there is nothing to do, it is better to do on the top of the small waist fine action, do not waste any minute to help you solve the lazy excuse. Xiao Jia recommended: pet name hyaluronic acid blue copper peptide moisturizing mask RMB 3153 tablets is effective to increase skin moisture, moist cutin layer, enhance water retention and barrier function. Collocation small molecule hyaluronic acid developed, with high permeability and high moisture characteristics, molecular pores can rapidly penetrate the skin, less joint molecules grab hyaluronic acid moisture, penetrate deep into completely and effectively, make the skin moist and full of flexibility. Avene repair mask RM!相关的主题文章: