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Dante "password" mysterious clues hair special Hanks involved in the conspiracy – Sohu entertainment Tom – Hanks and Jones Dante’s Sri Philippines death masks the clues of Tom – Hanks and Jones’s Sohu Philippines Sri movie entertainment news action suspense blockbuster Decoding "Inferno" (provisional translation "Dante password" today’s global synchronous exposure) a mysterious clue to the exposure of the specials, come straight to the point of semiotics, Robert Landon faced the crisis of conspiracy. Amnesia by Wai, were pursued is just the tip of the iceberg, Professor Landon will also face to death half of human virus crisis. P suspense decoding action movie temperament broken screen out the imminent compelling tensions. Landon once again involved in a conspiracy to crack the exposure of the virus is full of strange and mysterious mysterious clues special plot breath and end escape, just 2 minutes of suspense and frequent, climax, fast-paced clip will be exciting atmosphere to the extreme. In flames, woke up in the hospital discovered an unknown character amnesia, were pursued life on the line, "hell" mysterious projector, several key pieces of suspense. And then, Professor Landon also found a huge Conspiracy – "I leave you with the most difficult puzzles, only you can complete". What is unexpected is that the mystery of the mysterious man is enough to destroy most of the human plague virus. Director Ron Howard said that "he must first understand the situation in order to try to save the world", Landon only raced, looking for clues in a series of epic masterpiece in art, in time before the outbreak of the virus uncover the mystery. A special add suspense thriller, tense and inviting, people have to worry about the fate of mankind. Across Europe to unearth clues hidden truth movie huge mural "Inferno" (provisional translation "password" is a trilogy of Dante) classic suspense film Decoding "the Da Finch code", by world-renowned famous director Ron Howard according to the suspense master Dan Brand’s best-selling novel "hell" adapted. The film, in order to prevent the outbreak of the virus to save mankind, Professor Landon all the way to follow the clues across Europe, according to Sandro Botticelli, the creation of "hell map" in ten letters that eventually found traces in the famous mural "Marciano" on the battle. Starring Tom – Hanks admits: he will immediately know where the clues, because ‘Cerca Trova’ is the most mysterious in the history of art two words". It is understood that the ‘Cerca Trova’ meaning is precisely the "seeking to find", and "Cerca Trova" is cleverly hidden in huge mural "Marciano battle", it seems this fresco is the key to solve the puzzles. Professor Landon will be able to successfully prevent the outbreak of the virus to save all mankind, it is full of expectations. The action thriller film "Inferno" (provisional translation Dante "code") produced by the SONY Columbia pictures, directed by famous director Ron Howard, according to the master of suspense thriller Dan Brown novel of the same name "hell" adapted by Tom, Hanks, Feilixi Ti – june.相关的主题文章: