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"Crash" for more than 1 years of the 5 brokerage leverage is still over 4 times the industry insiders believe Congress: not drop down the lever of brokerage little space since June last year, "crash" since the various securities companies have different degree to reduce the leverage ratio, according to the statistics of the Securities Industry Association, there are currently five companies leverage more than 4 times. However, analysts believe that the current industry continues to reduce leverage has little power. Awareness of the risk awareness and diversification of securities companies to enhance. Continue to leverage to reduce the leverage ratio of more than 4 times of the brokerage are Orient Securities (up to 4.6 times), Northeast Securities, Dongguan securities, Hualong securities and securities henderson. Compared with the end of last year, the wealth of securities, Pacific Securities, Societe Generale Securities, the Federal Reserve securities, Shanghai securities and Oriental Wealth securities and other companies to reach more than 30% leverage. 6 at the end of the month, the average leverage of listed securities was 3.37 times higher than the industry average of 2.75 times, the listed company leverage ratio fell by more than 0.27 times. Large brokerage leverage level is significantly higher than the small and medium sized brokerages, including GF, merchants, Huatai are more than 3.5 times, Haitong more than 4 times. Since the second half of last year, brokerage leverage continues to decline, but the overall stability. Shenwan Hong analysts believe that the first half of this year, the financing cost is greatly reduced, the listing of securities issued by more than 5% last year, bond interest rates generally reduced to 3%-3.5%, and the gradual completion of debt replacement. With the capital intermediary business scale recovery as well as the direct business needs increase, firms will maintain a stable demand for funds, reducing leverage little space. To accelerate the transformation of concern is that the state securities brokerage and proprietary business revenues fell significantly less than in the Internet industry, the amount of strategy, the company achieved certain development advantages, and its low leverage. Diversified business development is the direction of seeking breakthrough. For example, Orient Securities said that the first half of the company continued to wealth management and investment management as the main line of development, while volatility in the market environment to accelerate the transformation of traditional business, private business, and vigorously develop the OTC derivatives, financial innovations such as the Internet business, in order to improve the income structure of good company, the company has laid the foundation for the diversified development. As the company continued to increase the intensity of reform and transformation, in the second half of the market to stabilize the performance of the environment is expected to be improved. Analysis of the industry, the overall application of the broker in the management of the limited space of leverage, their business risk control in the requirements of the various indicators have been framed.   stock investment trading post, forecast, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [or] multitray master [fupan588]   not sweep a wrong thought in passing hundreds of millions of assets, where to find?相关的主题文章: