Chongqing media exposure Croatia international has signed the Lifan nine to Chongqing examination-noiseware

Chongqing media exposed Croatia international has signed Lifan nine to Chongqing physical examination, Lifan very much need this foreign aid to make up their own defensive line, Lifan fans eagerly anticipated the central defender foreign aid finally decided. In February 2nd, according to Croatia media reports, the current performance of the Croatia League giants Hejduk center guard Boris, has confirmed and Chongqing Lifan signed three years. Last night, the reporter from the informed sources once again confirmed that Lifan and the player has signed the contract, now only bad official announced. As of press time, Lifan club has not responded to this news. 9, arrived in Chongqing, Milovic, 27 years old, it is the year to hit, this transaction is Lifan for three years into the AFC goal. Croatia media reported that Milovic and Lifan contract has been agreed in detail, to finish the visa, after signing the contract, he will go to china. Milovic has announced to his teammates Hejduk will go to super efficiency, he even shed tears of reluctant to leave. Without accident, he will arrive in Chongqing for physical examination in February 9th. According to the style of Lifan club, the official publicity will be carried out after his routine physical examination. To strengthen the defensive air defense ability, Milovic height 1 meters 95, the position is a central defender, air defense ability is strong, is Hejduk’s defense core, but also the captain of the team, the German "transfer market" estimated that its worth 1 million 500 thousand euros. He was selected to the Croatia national team last November, but not the main force. His arrival will improve the air defense capability of the back line of lifan. Allegedly, in order to get the much-needed central defender, Lifan to Hejduk club paid up to 1 million euros of liquidated damages. Milovic in Lifan’s treatment is not low, the annual salary can reach 800 thousand euros. Lifan’s foreign aid introduction has ended this year. The 5 foreign aid providers are Gigliotti, Fernando, Vieira, Zheng Yourong and Milovic. From the strength of paper, foreign aid is slightly stronger than last season. However, even if Milovic joins Lifan, Lifan still lacks people in the middle guard position and needs to introduce at least one centre back. Newspaper reporter He Yan

渝媒曝克罗地亚国脚已签约力帆 九日到重庆体检 力帆十分需要这位外援补足自己的后防线   力帆球迷翘首期盼的中后卫外援终于定了。2月2日,据克罗地亚媒体报道,目前效力于克罗地亚联赛豪门球队海杜克的中后卫米洛维奇,已确认和重庆力帆签约三 年。昨天晚上,记者从知情人士处再次得到证实,力帆和这名球员已经签约,目前只差官宣。截至记者发稿时,力帆俱乐部对此消息还没有回应。   9日抵达重庆体检   米洛维奇今年27岁,正是当打之年,这笔交易也是力帆为三年进入亚冠的目标考虑。克罗地亚媒体报道称,米洛维奇与力帆的合同在细节上已经达成一致,待办完 签证,合同签字之后,他就将前往中国。米洛维奇已向海杜克的队友宣布了自己将前往中超效力,他甚至还流下了依依不舍的泪水。不出意外的话,他将在2月9日 抵达重庆进行体检,按照力帆俱乐部的一贯作风,官宣会在他的例行体检结束后进行。   加强后防防空能力   米洛维奇身高1米95,位置是中后卫,防空能力强大,是海杜克队的后防核心,也是该队队长,德国《转会市场》估计其身价为150万欧元。他在去年11月入 选克罗地亚国家队,但并非主力。他的到来将提高力帆后防线的防空能力。据说,为得到这名急需的中后卫,力帆向海杜克俱乐部支付了高达100万欧元的违约 金。米洛维奇在力帆的待遇不低,年薪能够达到80万欧元。   力帆今年外援引进工作已经结束,5位外援分别是吉利奥蒂、费尔南多、维埃拉、郑又荣和米洛维奇。从纸面实力看,外援略强于上个赛季。不过,即使米洛维奇加盟力帆,力帆在中后卫位置上依然缺人,至少还需要引进一名中后卫。   本报记者 何艳相关的主题文章: