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Challenge 8 hours hike away a large public in Yesanpo in September 3rd – public – September 3rd, by Chinese Youth Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "China QingJiHui"), jointly organized by the Hebei provincial youth development foundation of Hebei Province, Baoding Municipal Committee, Baoding Municipal Tourism Bureau, Laishui County People’s government, Yesanpo Tourism Investment Company Limited, Budweiser InBev investment (China) Co., the main sponsor of the 2016 "challenge 8 hours" large-scale public hiking activities (hereinafter referred to as the "pick 8") was held in Yesanpo.     more than 2000 "pick 8" players starting from Bailixia area, they will challenge the 50 km 30 km (super challenge group) (challenge group) 10 km (parent-child group) outdoor cross-country, close to nature, challenge themselves at the same time, through 816 hours of hiking perseverance, infection around people participate in public welfare, to raise money for "1+1" project. The money raised will be used to help Hebei County, Laishui, 1000 poor rural children to complete their studies, healthy and happy growth. This year’s challenge 8 hours enrollment team reached 642, by the end of September 2nd, to raise money for a total of 1341427.15 yuan, of which the team raised the "Project Hope student 1+1" project funds reached 730 thousand yuan, the number reached more than 7 thousand pen pen fund-raising. China youth development foundation is mainly responsible for Wang Jian, deputy secretary general Yang Xiaoyu, Hebei Youth Development Foundation Chairman Hou Shulin, Baoding Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Jin Peiyuan, deputy researcher of Hebei Province, Baoding City Tourism Bureau Yuan Baojun, Ma Laishui County Deputy Secretary of Hebei province Kun Ying, deputy general manager of Yesanpo Qu Baojun, deputy director of the CMC Yesanpo Tourism Investment Co. Li Jinsheng, Budweiser, InBev legal director of Asia Pacific Yu Longtao, China Life Insurance Limited by Share Ltd on behalf of Chen Liang and other leaders and guests on stage speeches and co starting whistle. The event also received Coca-Cola (China), Jordan sports, Focus Media, China Insurance, JCDecaux metro, Mengniu, Paclantic, Kingcamp, IN etc. China love Hush Puppies, run the full support of the company, the Central People’s broadcasting station, Haiyang theatrical sound live show, goodnight friends, Sina charity,, public good as network media has also given strong support activities. "Pick 8" ambassadors "national group" – Yu Quan, well-known media people Haiyang movie stars and artists through the video, cheering for the players. It is understood that this year a total of 642 teams, more than 2400 people apply, is the largest number of applicants. Organizing committee through the allocation of places, public draw, eventually identified 529 official teams. "The enthusiasm of the public participation beyond imagination," China QingJiHui publicity minister Gu Zhengzheng said, "this year, 136 teams participated in the ballot success ratio is 26%, the quota is more scarce than last year. This shows that ‘pick 8’ as a large-scale public hiking activities, has a number of loyal fans. We also believe that every ‘pick 8’ supporters will start with love, and strive to complete the hike and raise相关的主题文章: