Celebration shuttle invite you dramas wrist – Mid Autumn Festival reunion of Sohu txc.cc

To celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival invites you to enjoy moments shuttle wrist reunion – Sohu classical poetry cloud sea the moon, the same time, many of the classic watch clock is inspired by the night sky moon. Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, might as lovers, family or friends, choose a holiday gift. The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot festival in three from this time gift, invite you dramas wrist vault beauty, express the joy of life. Inspired by the moon series Tissot art plastic phase of the moon and the moon goddess series, will be tied to the wrist of the moon, the warmth of the couple’s blessing; named after the birthplace of the street where the brand Tissot Du Ruhr series table, carrying the heavy feeling brand one hundred years of history, the eternal classic sustenance for the family. The care and miss; and Tissot Teng Chi Series on record, and your friend spent happy time to power for a long time, reminding you to cherish the moment beautiful. Tissot is willing to take a long watchmaking tradition thaw Mid Autumn Festival, the reunion sent wrist blessing. A autumn scenery but the world will win many moon and love are the classic eternal topic of human history. How much love to sprout at all times and in all countries, bending, harvest in the month when the full moon, as if the moon contains the ancient magic of love. Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, Tissot for you and offer blessings from her lover. This is the blessing of the love time series Tissot art plastic moon’s 6 o’clock position dial indicator, the full moon with stars, with the moon floating in the air above the clouds and accurately display the month wanes, and changing the "moon vividly wrist", the beauty of a delicate mechanical intoxication. Silver case is like a gentle dim moonlight, Retro Leather Watchband with dial detail lines appeared, rod type pointer collocation fashion, more low-key and elegant. While the relative art plastic machinery beauty series, the goddess of the moon is full series Tissot meniscus mild tenderness. The dial with a graceful moon shape, deduce the full moon outline, pearl dial resembles the night sky drifting faint clouds, showing gorgeous colors in the moonlight against the background. The series are integrated into the elements in the lateral meniscus and the watchband on both sides of the table ear, in order to enhance the design and decorate the whole watches to make sense, has become a fashion watch Wristlet at the same time, also echoed the "moon goddess" theme. Tissot’s RMB:53700 series of plastic arts of the moon goddess RMB: 2800 Series Lady White Dew from tonight is the hometown since ancient times is mid autumn festival family reunion together on the day of the month to complete the Zhaoren reunion, its history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, has lasted for thousands of years, has become a traditional Chinese festival. In the modern society with changeable rhythm, this tradition has been paid more attention and become more and more precious. On this day, we pay tribute to the tradition, but also to express their love for the family. This is the moment of care for family selection Tissot elegant Du Ruhr gold series, record every moment with your family wonderful. The series with simple and elegant 2290 create extraordinary collocation; sapphire crystal with superb technology, not only to prevent reflection and amplification of the dial 0相关的主题文章: