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"Best actress" snow boot first challenge two dimensional girl –   entertainment Sohu; "best supporting actress" boot big photo Sohu entertainment news yesterday, by the snow, Bryant Chang, Qi Mingjia, Wang Haoge, Xu Jieer, et al. Co starred in the TV drama "the new theme of" best female match held in Beijing has been the starting ceremony, drama keep a mysterious veil, from the preparation to this, snow also said that this challenge is a new field, I believe we can bring freshness to the audience, and she’s funny girl language Qi is a born optimist, never obstruct the difficulties, always keep optimistic the spirit of. The girl next door Zhou Xiaohuan shaping snow in the recent hit movie "Qingyun Xian Xia Zhi", was dubbed "the number of the most discerning girl", she was the only one to see Zhang Xiaofan in particular, she is also the only right or wrong has been quietly supporting her little brother, Zhou Xiaohuan’s pure and good move everyone, she is not using magic to judge a person is good or bad, always believe friends. The "best actress" in the language of Qi is a different experience, she is more independent more assertive, snow also revealed that the play will have a lot of action, before this has been trying to practice boxing, hope to be able to show the best side to the audience. When it comes to Qi Mingjia, and Wang Haoge’s cooperation, the snow also said he was looking forward to, hope each other can inspire some new spark, because the theme is very novel, so usually we will study together the script and the role, exchange some of their own views, hoping to make the story more full, more three-dimensional characters.   相关的主题文章: