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Health Effective self-defense for women very first starts using the mindset and belief in herself that she does not deserve to be.e raped, harassed or abused in anyway, shape or form. A woman’s ability to recognize impending danger and the warning signs of danger can also be of prime significance in reducing her risk to harmful circumstances. So what happens when a woman finds herself in a harmful scenario? Can you envision what her capability to defend herself effectively will be if she did not have this fundamental perception in herself that she is really worth it and does not deserve abusive treatment. Without this perception structure her odds of successfully defending herself and possibly her loved ones is diminished. With this particular belief system in location and her determination and dedication to survive she has the starting foundation of productive defense. With this particular determination and .mitment she now has the next necessary ingredient to defend herself and that ingredient is courage. Bravery to stand up for oneself with dedication and determination is a really effective character trait for a female to possess however it can only exist if she believes that she is worth it. Bravery is not the absence of dread but how a female responds to dread. When a woman realizes that she is in a potentially harmful scenario obviously dread has the capability to overwhelm her and paralyze her. With bravery the ability to appropriately react towards the given situation increases her likelihood of disarming a possibly dangerous situation prior to it escalates into some thing physical. Like a martial artist we practiced dealing with harmful circumstances all of the time. By doing so we function on programming our courage response to neutralize dangerous circumstances. When a woman methods speaking up for herself or other people or practices standing up in the encounter of dread her degree of bravery can start to develop in the face of adversity. Bravery is the ability to react to take action which is really a proactive frame of mind. This frame of mind is empowering simply because now the lady is within control of herself and might be able to manage the scenario. When a woman reacts dread may be the dominating emotion and also the scenario is in charge of her. A reactive state of thoughts puts the woman on the defensive and she assumes the role of the victim and now something is happening to her. To decrease your risk of possibly harmful situations practice responding in your own thoughts to an imagined threat. You will start to really feel empowered by your imagined responses and that will help in building your courage. Inside your imagination exercise taking control of a harmful situation and discover how you feel. This will help to alleviate the fear dependent emotions that can overwhelm women in times of adversity. For more information visit our website. Master Ken is available for workshops and seminars on Mindful Self-Defense for Women. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: