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Apple Watch2’s Ticwatch but after Hongkong Watch Fair hot technology Apple Corp – Sohu one and a half years once again launched a new generation of smart watches AppleWatch2, although this watch in performance have a lot of upgrading, and support 50 meters waterproof and built-in GPS function, adding even AppleWatch2 pull PokemonGo did not let people have too much enthusiasm, compared to iPhone7, iPhone7Plus, everyone’s attitude towards AppleWatch2 is very cold, isn’t this AppleWatch2 smart watch not yet, perhaps this great extent to a cause can not be separated from the bad experience of AppleWatch1 generation products. Ticwatch2 in the Hongkong Watch Fair sought after Baidu AppleWatch2 index is 150 years ago, in contrast to the recent watch and watch exhibition held in Hongkong, smart watches have become the focus of this exhibition. As one of the famous clock and watch exhibition in Asia and the world, the Hongkong Watch & clock show has attracted the attention of many clocks and watches manufacturers, in addition to the traditional watch manufacturers, smart watches are also the first appearance of this event. The Hongkong Watch Fair, we observed an interesting trend is that many traditional watch manufacturers will gradually move closer to the intelligent, for example, some manufacturers in order to attract users will increase the number of sports function, creating the concept of intelligent light. And some smart watch manufacturers will look more like a traditional watch, to meet the needs of the traditional taste of watches. Ticwatch2 hot this exhibition we see that traditional smart watches have become mainstream, smart watches are no longer confined to the category of digital category in the traditional watch area also occupy a space for one person. But if you want to have a better development of smart watches not only in the function of continuous innovation, the appearance of a timely manner has become the focus of attention. More than a year ago, we can see that every kind of smart watches, but a year later, a lot of smart watches have been out of our sight, of which a large part of the reason is because the appearance design is deviated from the traditional watch, so many accustomed to the traditional watch is very difficult for users to accept those of odd shape modeling. There is a lot of brands under the banner name of intelligence without any intelligent function, if two years ago you can watch phone so really smart, but now, if your watch is only a few single function may be difficult to be recognized by the user. Another important point is that compared to traditional watches, smart watches want to move to the world with a high threshold, that is the language. Compared to some of the smart brand abroad, they want to enter the China, you need to rely on the power of Chinese, take Google for example, Google launched the AndroidWear although it is indeed very good, but for the people, not a lot of experience in Chinese localization, unable to achieve a good, which is why they will choose to go out and ask the a.相关的主题文章: