Ajay Katara, Key Kataras Murder Case Witness, Is A `liar, Alleges Jethmalani -roselip

Politics NEW DELHI: Veteran Criminal Lawyer Ram Jethmalani,defending Vishal Yadav, an accused in Nitish Katara murder case, strongly argued before the Delhi High Court that Ajay Katara, the prime witness, is a ‘liar and as such liable to be prosecuted under the charge of ‘perjury. Citing contradictions in each paragraph of Kataras statements, the senior lawyer claimed that it is a legal ‘atrocities that he had been put in the category of a ‘chance witness by prosecution and was accepted by the trial court which relied upon to base conviction of the three accused in the case. Since the entire prosecution case is built on a circumstantial evidences, Kataras statement is crucial ‘last seen evidence in the case. Punching loop-holes in the prosecution theory that the Kataras testimony is a key ‘last seen evidence where the victim, Nitish Katara is seen along with the three accused Vikas Yadav, his cousin Vishal and Sukhdeo Pehalwan, the senior lawyer pointed out that there is no convincing or logical reasons for his presence on the middle of the ‘Hapur-Delhi highway road on the fateful night. His claim of staying in Delhi on a rented ac.modation, doing a business of horoscope consultant and the fact that he had gone to meet his acquaintance in UP Police, living in Police Line in Ghaziabad and was returning back on his scooter,which had broken down on the middle of road, are corroborated by any independently, claimed the lawyer. (Ajay Katara had claimed that he has gone to meet a UP police constable in Ghaziabad and was returning home at middle of night to his rented house in Delhi when his scooter broke down. Since his scooter was parked in the middle of road, a TATA safari case, driven by Vikas, which was .ing from behind got stuck, which subsequently lead to verbal duel between them. During his brief conversation, he had managed to see the victim and accused together in the vehicle. This was the last time when someone had seen the victim alive). It is no co-incidence that his evidence starts with visiting a UP Police constable, whose seniors were Investigation Official (IOs) of the high- profile case puts a grave doubt about his claim. It further be.e suspicious when it is corroborated he belongs to ‘Katara village in Agra district from where victims fore-father belongs. There is no doubt that the victims family and eye-witness are related by village kinsman and belongs to same .munity, the lawyer said summing up his arguments. Jethmalani repeatedly argued before Justices Gita Mittal and J R Midha that he (Ajak Katara) is a fit case to be prosecuted for perjury for lying under oath before the trial court. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: