According To Assocham, In Indias Realty Sector Investments Decline 6oy-yezimei

Business According to a study by the industry body Assocham, in September 2013 outstanding investments in the country’s real estate sector were six percent lower at Rs 14.51 lakh crore as against the same month previous year. According to the study, at least till first half of 2014 it was also noted that there would be no relief for the realty sector. According to Assocham, it has been noted that unsettled investments attracted by India’s real estate sector had fallen from Rs 15.39 lakh crore as of September 2012 to Rs 14.51 lakh crore as of September 2013. Thus it registered a noteworthy drop of about six percent. The study also revealed that the real estate sector was affected greatly in 2013 owing to a huge number of reasons such as liquidity crunch, rampant economic slowdown both domestically and globally, high input costs, unstable currency, high interest rates, growing inflation and labor shortage. To arrive at what 2014 offered for the realty sector, Assocham surveyed responses from real estate brokers and agents, about 1,000 developers, senior officials of various firms in domain and property consultants. This survey was carried out in 10 prominent cities of Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai and Lucknow. During the first half of the calendar year 2014, the replies suggested that there will be no relief for India’s real estate sector. According to Assocham, it had carried out a survey on about 60 respondents. According to the given situation on real estate area is not expected to advance much due to an uncertain political scenario. This situation would remain during the .ing six months due to general elections and poor investor, end-user confidence due to continued high property prices coupled with sluggish economic growth. Subsequently, the study adds that in the year 2014 the overall show of India’s real estate sector is expected to be submissive as people would resist from buying property. Moreover, developers would continue to struggle with rising construction costs, high debt and unsold inventory. The various proposals to resuscitate the drooping real estate sector consisted of developing a balanced edifice on payment of stamp duties for sale and purchase of land and properties and making sure things were in place of a single window clearance system. Hope there should be good end for 2014; it should get mixed value for both builder and public looking forward for more housing projects to launch and public should look forward to buy home. About the Author: , a mentor who takes innovative and challenging tasks, loves to inject the style of content phrase words according to current markets industry standards. Promoting various advertising through Reviews, Articles, News about Dreamz Infra Reviews Bangalore. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: