About Acai .anic Juices And The Benefits Of Freeze Dried Acai Powder!-sorpack

Nutrition What is ACAI? Acai berry is an inch-long, Reddish purple fruit, which .es from the acai palm tree and is native to central native and South America. Acai pulp fruit has rich antioxidants when .pared to cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or blueberry. This can be consumed in the form of acai organic juices or in the form of freeze dried acai powder. What are the uses and advantages of consuming Acai? Few uses of acai juices and powder are as follows: Lowering of cholesterol levels:The antioxidant present in these berries can lower the cholesterol levels in the blood stream and provide cardio protective benefits to the cells by preventing blood clots and improving the blood circulation. Fight Harmful Organisms in the body: Acai extracts when consumed may help fight harmful organisms in the body, and also nutritionists say that acai as a super food helps to lose to weight and maintain a healthy weight and also promotes the health of the skin also. Better Digestive System: Consuming acai also keeps our digestive system clean and in optimal function, the berry has powerful detoxification capacity in the human body and are a well-known traditional source of dietary fiber, these also contain properties that can control respiratory distress. Prevention of Free Radicals: On the general level, the anthocyanin found in acai plays a role in preventing free radical invasion in our cells and keeps the entire system protected. Rich in Vitamin C:Acai is rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid, which is an immune system which helps in suppressing the growth of cancer cells, it also has the ability to slow or reverse the oxidative damage that relates to skin aging. The freeze dried acai powder removes the moisture and preserves the nutritional properties in the same level. Availability of Acai Acai has so many health benefits, but most people are still not aware of it. Many physicians and health trainers guide their patients and customers about the health benefits of Acai and how they could include it in their health regime. Many .panies have now started selling authentic Acai and it is now available at various health stores and even online. It can be consumed in the form of dried powder or even as a juice. One could mix the powder in a shake or even consume it with water. It is one of the few fruits which have so many advantages attached to it. You should definitely try it out and you will feel more energetic and vibrant. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: