A Fantastic And Romantic Wedding Belonging To Our Love-k-boxing

Love Marriage is the last step to two peoples love affair, also it witnesses two peoples promise to each other. Someone says that marriage is the most holy and romantic thing in the world. I totally agree with that. As for me, Im going to marry my sweetheart. Only people who experiences in having a love affair do he know marriage is a holy matter and it needs responsibility and trust to each other. When I first met my sweetheart, she lived in the basement. its a small, wet, dark cell like the honey.b. when asked why not live a better place, she said she has been adapt to the environment. But I lately knew the truth is that she wants to save money to afford her little brothers tuition. I often heard the news online when surfing the inter. about the family responsibility, but unexpectedly it happened around me. Or to be precise, it happened to me. She is a girl like that. Gradually we fell in love, often I said to her why I met her so late. Her answer is that I wait you for a long time before you appear. After a long perfect courtship, I promised her I would do my best to hold a perfect wedding, Everything had been arranged except the chic wedding dress. Or you can totally blame me for I was not satisfied with it. I wanted her to be the most beautiful bride in the most beautiful wedding dress. The wedding day was around the corner. Its urgent for us to prepare it, but I wouldnt give up. One day, when I got on the inter., I came across the Idress by chance. At the first sight, I know that is really what I want. A cute pink wedding dress with the exquisite color and the delicate workmanship attracted my eyeballs. As expected, The wedding is romantic and memorable. The bride, also my sweetheart, my wife, wearing the elegant bride dress, walked towards me with happy smile on the red carpet. As a man, as a husband, I know I kept my word. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: