Newyly Formed Families Mean New Christmas Traditions-下北glory days

Parenting The unit that used to be referred to as the nuclear family has changed greatly, in the past generation. With the divorce rate steady at about fifty percent, families today split, then form new families, more than ever before. Step-families are .mon, which means that families are constantly undergoing changes, including changes in their traditions. The holiday season is the time of year when the changes and adaptations in family traditions can be most acute. And it can be especially hard on younger children, who have spent the first few years of their lives learning to celebrate Christmas in a particular way, and who now may be expected to adapt their habits to their new surroundings. A child may have spent his first few years in a home where everyone gathered to help write a letter to Santa Claus, shortly after Thanksgiving. In the new home, with new siblings and new traditions, the letter to Santa may be something new and untried. Children facing new habits and traditions at a time which is supposed to be so full of joy can find themselves feeling a stress they never expected. Children are .forted by the celebration habits they’ve observed their whole lives, and sudden change in these habits can be stressful. It’s always a good idea for parents to sit down with their kids, and discuss the new family’s holiday expectations. Even though adults must adapt, as well, to their own lifestyle changes when families merge, Mom and Dad need to be particularly aware of how special the holidays can be to young children. It’s possible, with custody issues, that the entire new family can’t be together throughout the Christmas holidays, at least not every year. Whatever the circumstances are, parents on both sides need to remember that their children didn’t create the current situations, that their children didn’t mandate visitation rights. But kids can be the unwitting victims of adult conflicts, especially when the holidays mean being torn from one parent or the other. The Christmas season, though full of joy and family love, has always been a stressful time of year. As families split apart, and reform into new units, the holidays can be even more hectic and stressful. Children need to be protected as much as possible from the kinds of stresses created by the new paradigms that divorce can create. They need to know that, no matter how or with whom they spend the holidays, they are loved as much as ever, and Santa Claus still knows where to find them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: