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Music If you want to start converting your record albums to MP3 or CD, but have a stereo or computer that’s too old to have a USB connection, are you out of luck? If your music system has stereo jacks, maybe not! Check your turntable, then the back of your stereo, for red and white connection sockets (also known as RCA plugs). On the back of your system, they must be marked "Phono" or "Phono Line Out." If they’re there, then all you need to do is download Audacity free video editing software and get cables that will connect your music system to your computer. If you have a stereo cable, you just need a stereo miniplug adapter. Cables with RCA plugs on one end and a stereo miniplug on the other are also available. It should be long enough so you won’t have to move the turntable every time you want to record. Download, install and set up Audacity, and its LAME MP3 codec. Audacity must always be closed before you begin the connection process: just plug one end of the RCA cable into your music system and other into the adapter, making sure to match the colors. Then plug the adapter’s miniplug into the microphone/input jack on your computer. Now you can open Audacity . Go to Preferences -> Devices -> Recording, and select your computer input jack from the dropdown menu. If it does, you can start playing your record, then click on the red "record" button. If you see a red line starting to move across your computer screen leaving lots of blue squiggles behind it, you’re in! And if you have a large number of albums, the only other thing you ought to do is get an iTunes account if you don’t already have one, and compatible music management software. Whether this works all depends upon the age of your music system. But fortunately, it doesn’t cost a lot to find out. If it doesn’t work, or you don’t have the connectors, consider investing in a USB turntable, which you can find at ..convertingtomp3../vinyl-lp-converter-to-mp3 . Some of the newer USB turntables can record directly to a CD. Most of them are Mac and PC .patible, work with Audacity, and aren’t very expensive — certainly not in .parison to outsourcing your converting to MP3 . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: