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Real-Estate In central Costa Rica lies the plateau and geographic region called the Central Valley. Several volcanoes and mountains surround the area, but the land within the valley is considered a plain, which makes it perfect for housing. Nearly three-quarters of those who live in Costa Rica reside in the Central Valley. This is where San Jose, the most populated city and national capital, can be found. Properties available in this region include everything from condominiums to multi-acre lots containing villas. Some properties are sold furnished, making relocation easier for individuals migrating from other countries. For under $220,000, a buyer can find a 2,260 square-foot villa on a 1.8-acre lot that is surrounded by natural forests. Inside are three bedrooms, three bathrooms, cathedral ceilings, and a floor plan that flows like the water in the Jacuzzi tub. Buyers who have more than $500,000 to spend can live like royalty. Take, for example, a home that is part of the Eco Residence Resort Project, which has nature in mind. The house occupies 6,045 square feet and features three bedrooms and a private apartment. An Infinity swimming pool graces the yard, accented by a footbridge and waterfalls. A home like this is custom inside and outside and features only high-end appliances and fixtures. Costa Rica translates to rich coast, so it is only natural that the coastal and beach areas are magnets for residential living. The North Pacific Coast is the most visited part of the country, but it is also one of the least populated areas. Anyone who enjoys SCUBA diving will want to call this region home because it has the most easily accessible and most desirable diving sites in this nation. In Tamarindo, a buyer can purchase two condominiums for a total of $164,000. The Central Pacific Coast is the most popular for tourists and is just a short distance from San Jose by car or plane. Surfing, sport fishing, and the Manuel Antonio National Park are the major attractions. When they are not enjoying seafood at a Puntarenas City restaurant, residents are relaxing in their nearby homes. A tropical three-bedroom dream home here costs less than $230,000 for a fabulous view of the forest, mountains, and river. Whichever geographic location they prefer, buyers can usually find some excellent Costa Rica real estate. A little bit of money goes a long way when it .es to purchasing property in this country. In exchange for their cash, homebuyers receive endless views of lush landscapes and nature at their front door. They can even feel the sand between their toes and let the sea lull them to sleep at night. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: