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Travel-and-Leisure The Yorkshire Coast has always been a favourite haunt of mine, here I give a personal view of two of my favourite resorts. Scarborough One of my earliest recollections of Scarborough is from when I was a little girl and going on the tram up the cliff side with my paternal grandma – I couldn’t understand how the tram was holding onto the steep cliff side! Once on the sea front my gran was worried that the strong sea breeze was going to blow her hat – one of the many that she wore every day – away! I still have a photograph of my gran, taken on that day along the sea front in my family album – it is very precious to me. Scarborough to me has changed very little over the years. Sunday school outings used to find us here with sandwiches on the beautiful soft sandy beach, a few pennies to spend in the amusements and on the trampolines finishing up with a tray of fish and chips from what is arguably one of the finest fish and chip shops in Yorkshire. We used to scare ourselves by daring to go on the ghost train that is still there to this day. As the years have passed I have returned to Scarborough with my own family – taking them to Kinderland (now closed following the redevelopment of the park in which it was situated) on their birthdays, boating in Peasholme Park and then sitting in the car with flasks of hot soup watching the waves from an angry sea crashing against the barrier and unsuspecting walkers getting drenched. Happy days! Whitby Famous for its Jet black stone, the ruins of 13th century St. Hilda’s Abbey and glorious Whalebone arch, Whitby with its harbour is a pretty seaside resort. It was the 199 steps from the Old Town area of Whitby which lead up to the Parish Church and churchyard of St. Mary which gave Bram Stoker the inspiration for his book "Dracula". This has lead to Whitby becoming a very popular resort for "Goths" who enjoy a few get together weekends throughout the year at Whitby. It is a quaint little maritime resort with lots of little alleyways and cobbled streets leading down to the harbour. No mention of Whitby would be complete however without referring to the great explorer, Captain James Cook. At certain times of the year, if you are lucky you can see the replica of his ship HMS Bark Endeavour in the harbour and perhaps even take an excursion on her. Within driving distance of Whitby and well worth visiting are the fishing villages of Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar and on the banks of the River Esk the village of Sleights. I hope you decide to visit Scarborough, Whitby and some of the area in-between. The scenery is simply stunning and you will not be disappointed! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: