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A: it is said that this is what is the man most let you instantly rippling moments most men let you move? The most China characteristic of the answer is: "when" wallet, actually this is not entirely the worship of money, after all, you are willing to spend money a man must find you. The other side of the ocean the Americans also voted on Distractify, the results of the election’s conscience, look at a few moments to tease you…… Twelfth when he found a large amount of deposit in the United women are how paper money like dirt, he put it in the ten row away! I think Chinese national husband Wang Sicong, with only two magic weapons: cannon mouth hanging open and money, you can win thousands of sister paper (or man) in a micro-blog message shouted "X my husband". The graceful song and Crestron photo, temperament is not a bit like the Internet today will spray the initiative to look for a job ah hao. But the answer is not high ranking also has certain basis, even if he has a lot of money, but it will not give you flowers! Eleventh clean the home when the love is clean and active will clean the home of the man, is not to add to the explosion? It is also the ten big, old beauty of the female paper are in the use of sweeping robot? The next step is not a man can also be…… Machine replaced? The man in the cleaning time, if you look carefully, is very charming. Watched him carefully clean the window to clean the floor, he can take care of all have a sense of security: he put off clothes thrown into the washing machine, an instant dark start button, start your heart: tenth fix something this point belongs to lore! The air conditioner in the house is broken, the water pipe is blocked, and the bulb needs to be changed…… Even the assembled IKEA furniture, all these men all can solve. Naked upper body repair things do not know for hair, anyway is a good for you. Ninth rolls up his sleeves and was not ready to roll up our sleeves when rack up, but get up early in the morning, he silently in front of the mirror finishing shirt sleeves, attentive and manly, how can the girls not be tempted? The general procedure of the roll sleeve is as follows…… If the shirt doesn’t fit enough, it can only give a bad. Here is the right model. Eighth when wearing a uniform this should be well understood, and many men have a strong sense of the women’s uniforms, then…… Why can’t a woman’s uniform with a man be like a flood? Whether it is Orlando or Bloom: that uniformed Yan value doesn’t slip away with fat little plum: or in real life, the Swedish Royal Prince Philip:   even the Mediterranean prince — William in uniform behind, all charm double! Seventh list of hand hair when the action is the charm of the point is: casual, not deliberately, to be free. Any too deliberately provoke hair will be girls as a narcissist. After all, beauty is the most fascinating thing without knowing it. ;相关的主题文章: