Drunk beautiful Loudi, 2016 Loudi Meijiang Raiders play outdoor Sohu 特命战队go busters

Drunk beautiful Loudi, 2016 Loudi Meijiang Sohu – Hunan Raiders play outdoor Loudi Meijiang in Taishan male, Lijiang Na show, known as the ten galleries, lotus springs, the most natural murals, since the development of scenic spots has often attracted visitors come to the Hunan tourism network Xiaobian take you together field Meijiang style. Meijiang is composed of many attractions, cliffs, peaks, caves, springs, waterfalls, canyons, karst lake, with the characteristics of male, odd, dangerous, show, quiet, mainly divided into four major scenic spots.   1. Guanyinya – Jun Hidden Cave Scenic Spot the main attractions are: Lotus springs, Guanyin cliff, cave, cave reservoir Jun. Lotus springs, far looked like a blossoming lotus rippling pool, look at the past but as a spring pool boiling pot, water rushing sound, the country is rare, is a must. Over the lotus pond, is a lined with bamboo "Bi Huang path", the green of the lush green bamboo rich, gurgling springs from bamboo left turn right around to go around, give a person a kind of "forest deep knowledge, playing the instrument while singing" the quiet state, give a person a kind of art. Enjoy the beauty.   go to Guanyin cliff, cliff two trees for thousands of years of "sister Brown", with luxuriant foliage, let people enjoy a life of great magical creatures. You hide holes for the underground karst cave, a large cave with many twists and turns, the size of the hall more than and 30, narrow only one person sideways walk like insurance pass; at the spacious side by side ten trucks pass, just as the vast heaven. Two, plug the sea – Longquan Valley Scenic Area, the main attractions are: Haikou scenery, waterfalls, sea slug Meijiang Shibi, three doors, Longquan Rock Canyon, waterfall, Dragon Rock thousands of books.   plug the sea lake, like a green corridor, the clear water, mountains, canyons, caves in series with the formation of a blue sky, Castle green, cliff reborn natural picture. Canoed up the cliff, bat Meijiang Shibi, echo wall, three door, the crown, rock cliffs, road landscape palms, panoramic view. Three rock gate, also known as the small Three Gorges, in less than 1.5 kilometers of the lake, I saw three hill like axe split into three doors on both sides, like layers, in turn stands.   Longquan gorge, Longquan gorge is about 7 km long, there are nine bends, said the eighteen lock. Canyon on both sides of Permian limestone cliffs such as the screen, the top of the banks, Zhetianbiri, and steep, on both sides of the dense woods, clouds of a wild profusion of vegetation, river, overlapping Wanshan, hidden, thousands of images, is the best place of exploration.   Dragon falls by more than 30 meters high cliff flying waterfall diarrhea, astonishing, and a plume of sunshine from the top slot quietly into the stream, like drops of Ambilight, like a fairy. Three, the fairy Palace – Xianglushan main scenic spots are: Ten galleries, a stone, eight Xianglufeng, ancient fort, coral fossils, Oriental Venus, fairy cave, long waterfall, natural bridge etc..   Tianshengqiao aka songxianqiao, unique, magnificent. In the south, as a Dankongqiao, 40 meters high, cross.相关的主题文章: