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The pre " three Bingfen road; " the odds have been through many teams ahead of qualifying the European pre resumes this week, the World Cup qualifier will reignite war, Europe, South American public tyrannical will play, Asian qualifying teams will also Chinese against Qatar in late October 15th home court! Qualifiers in the morning has been the first race, immediately will usher in the feast of the European championship. Gambling company for qualifying the situation of each group corresponding to the corresponding odds group ranking, which can be a general understanding about the situation of team teams. [small intelligent lottery recommended throughout the forecast World Cup qualifying group B first 2 odds of a qualifying situation some group is very clear, the first group B two in Portugal and Switzerland the odds were as low as 1.04 and 1.05, the group has almost decided the advance team to qualify, the next game of two teams the goal will be to top the group. Have the same situation as well as the G group and the H group and the group of G outlet group of Spain and Italy almost no suspense, and the H group in Belgium has basically been locked the group first, Bosnia and Herzegovina compared to the other team qualify a greater chance of it, out of 1.23 of the top two teams lose rate, not surprisingly basic the second group can guarantee. The top group A first 2 odds of another three groups has no suspense, A group, C group, France Germany F group England three teams are close to 1 of the low odds of ranking top the group list, behind the team compared under the pressure is relatively large, due to the strength and integral not much difference every minute, the game will determine the prospects of their team in the round. D group of the first 2 odds in the three other groups are not clear, in the D group was the most obvious, from Georgia and Moldova, strength is difference is too large, the remaining 4 teams with the lowest odds for the Serbia 1.58, the highest odds for Ireland’s 2.20, this group is not visible to the final stage of the group phase is very ugly clue. E group and I group with the group is not much difference between, the group phase, the three team for the game will be full of passion and the smell of gunpowder. A national team will be staged, sina will also be synchronized small lottery prediction game, betting confused how to say, may wish to listen to!相关的主题文章: