Shen Teng CCTV Spring Festival evening has been invited to invite the Earl of Oolong will be on the 若槻ゆうか

Shen Teng: has received the CCTV Spring Festival Gala invitation "Wulongshan Earl" will be the big screen – Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang) by Shen Teng and Ma Li starred in the drama "Wulongshan Earl" national tour last night. Shen Teng tears on the spot, and joked that older, emotional change. Happy twist founder Zhang Chen said, the future hope to be able to "Wulongshan Earl" also to the big screen. In addition, when CCTV CCTV Spring Festival evening show first class language programs, Shen Teng said, has been invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, is currently preparing for the program. 6 years ago, "Wulongshan Earl" was performed for the first time, Shen Teng and Ma Li is a star, no room, no car, no girl, no appearance, no deposit, no work, this unexpected million dollar check hero life changing stories act very popular in the thirty year old birthday. The tour lasted 53 days, happy twist all the creative 29 people, from south to north through 12 city, a total of 27 performances, the play also makes the total time to reach 1073 games. Back on tour all the fun, Shen Teng to thank you, "laughed harder, we played better and better". With the movie "Sherlock" the sorrows of the film, Shen Teng and Ma Li’s career in full bloom, but Ma Li said, they will not leave the stage, because the stage is our root. Wherever you go, and when you cannot forget, TV dramas, including some variety shows, after shoot more, I think return to the stage is a kind of purification, so as to say the treasure Teng brother, on the stage of the opportunity, before the stage, you may feel like laughing on the past, but now every day, oh, how many games, how many games, every day is not give." Shen Teng and Ma Li also laughed and said they rarely find the director now twist encore, because "we too old". Ma Li said, "Sherlock" in trouble, she made two films, one is big and she Guo director, Jia Nailiang starred in the "northeast past Pomazhangfei", will be released in February 10th next year. The film tells the story of several different characters in the Hongkong northeast of youth, not the villain of the trap, and then use this, gangster lianhuanji, etc. a series of routines, with their wits hilarious comedy. Another is the director Benny Chan, she and Louis Koo play the "meow star people", will be released next summer, "two is a comedy, so I still hope to be able to bring you some of the works." Shen Teng said Ma Li lucky, met his favorite movie. Ma Li said she was not so careful. As for the two when there is a film cooperation, Shen Teng said to look at the opportunity to play the role of suitable for their two talent. Today, the second film "happy twist produced water donkey" aggressively, Shen Teng give eight words: "very nice, out of the ordinary", and for many drama began to be filmed, Shen Teng think this is complementary, "just as there are other drama groups rushed out, worried that it would not be effect of happy twist drama at the box office, will not. Because only the industry as a whole, drama can flourish. Like I went to your house to see the play, I feel very good, I was in a mood"相关的主题文章: