Kunling is named ” double sweetheart ” also make things difficult for newcomers to wake th 下北glory days

Kunling is named " double sweetheart " also for newcomers to wake up the baby Kunling Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Kunling [micro-blog] and Jay Chou after the birth of a daughter Hathaway, these days are busy to enter the Hollywood film, the cause of marriage into account, is the perfect wife of mother. When the mother after the advertisement Everfount Kunling, has been claimed is "double sweetheart", shot in the infants with advertising, not deliberately wake up the baby, but the couple photographer create all sorts of obstacles no longer see, let witnesses down, but the charges were dismissed agent: "the way to listen to passers-by said!" According to Hongkong media reports, Kunling when mother popularity gradually took milk, rise directly to a high position, diapers and other advertising language, become the new darling of the manufacturers. In March this year on infant toys advertising, witnesses puliao she placed Miss pomp in the scene, even when the mask hands empty, also called the staff feed before the shooting also deliberately and teasing the sleeping baby, the baby woke up after crying loudly, and thus delay the shooting schedule, the staff is comfort: "probably want to play with the children, not intentional." Not only that, the exposed material is more directed at Kunling is found if the photographer is new, difficult will also roll his eyes, but if a senior photographer, it will put a sweet smile, that she is a double. Her agent denied the allegations: "how do these things? Impossible!" Stressed that the staff are very polite Ling, also did not bully the new man, refute the real exposure. (ETToday) (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: