N death egg some boring some frozen dead 捷安特xtc750

N death egg: some boring some frozen every baby in the womb, you have millions of eggs "inventory", but really with their "one sperm encounter, combination, finally grew into a life of the new is only the 112 remaining. All die in the growth of the journey…… Small egg is a lifetime of frustrations, will encounter what "misfortune"? Who died before victory in a woman’s life, to grow and mature eggs are very small, most of the rest have died in the growth of the journey, this is not the case of death on the battlefield, there are 3 kinds: first, with age growth, the egg is not increased, but a large number of deaths. Raising an egg is too much energy and time, the mother is limited energy, had to give up the vast majority, born on the death. By the time of sexual maturity, the remaining eggs are only about more than 100 thousand. This stage, the largest proportion of dead eggs. Second, the egg follicle in the follicle, under the action of sex hormones can mature. In the life of a woman to mature eggs is about 400 or so, but every month only one egg can mature to mature stage left, they emerge of itself and perish of itself. Another method of death is equal. For example, women with polycystic ovary syndrome, the basic monthly eggs can not mature, eggs grow up a little longer. Fortunately, I grow, you grow up, you die! Suffocated mature eggs are not necessarily happy, because if the female body hormone, mature eggs, but not broken red follicles, and eventually had to die in the follicular stuck, no broken follicular luteinized and this is called luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome (LUFS syndrome). Bored to death, some eggs mature smoothly after the discharge from the follicle, but also can not be happy too early. There are a number of women with chronic salpingitis, tubal close to the ovary of the umbrella end of the site, the occurrence of adhesion, the umbrella side of the opening to be closed, and even umbrella structure is gone, the formation of hydrosalpinx. Then, the poor egg, how also can not enter the fallopian tube, fallopian tube around the ovary to boring painting circle, until the end of life. Walk out some female tubal inflammation is not so serious, the egg into the fallopian tube. But the fallopian tube is influenced by inflammation, crooked, barbarous, walked away, not only meet the one sperm, go round, until exhausted in the fallopian tube. Lonely die well, there is an egg through hardships finally through the fallopian tube, but didn’t meet the one sperm to the uterus or alone bitter lonely, self pity, finally followed aunt came to the wonderful outside world, unfortunately, but with the aunt towel discarded. Happy death total egg to wait until their own destiny, if sperm in the fallopian tube, combined with the meet and fall in love, although egg disappeared, but the achievements of new life style, really happy dead. There is a high cold dead eggs, relatively aloof, chasing her sperm if crooked melon split dates, she would rather indulge in self-admiration, high cold. Since the death of IVF in this way, the egg is a kind of death. Promote the discharge out of the eggs and more likely to temporarily use…相关的主题文章: