In order to standardize Air China boarding pass printing, ticket price is fully implemented – Sohu F 倾诉衷肠的意思

In order to regulate the air fare agency print boarding passes, full implementation of Sohu financial business in February 18th, China issued notice that, after January 8th, in the PEK-HGH PEK-HET route to implement the "print boarding pass fare", the business will be in the official website and the APP end of the full implementation of domestic routes. According to the announcement, the ticket type is the domestic ticket, and the ticket price shown on the boarding pass is the amount of the total voyage ticket paid by the passengers. The amount includes the fare, airport construction fee and fuel surcharge. Earlier, Air China said in the notice, "Air China requires all sales agents must strictly in accordance with the provisions of Air China ticket sales, shall not take any way to increase or low sales of Air China ticket.". When passengers have questions about the ticket price of boarding pass, they have the right to call through Air China service hotline 95583, or directly consult the ticket office directly under the Air China (including the airport ticket office) to know the specific fare." Air China also notice made it clear that, if agents do not follow the rules of air ticket sales, passenger complaints received, will identify the situation, investigating the liabilities relating to the agent responsibility of complaints, according to aviation passenger transportation sales agency agreement terms of punishment, punishment of illegal agents. In this regard, insiders said that if the airline can directly print the price on the ticket, you can effectively supervise the violations of these tickets, consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

为规范代理 国航登机牌打印票价全面实施-搜狐财经   2月18日,国航发布业务公告称,继1月8日在PEK-HGH、PEK-HET航线实施“登机牌打印票价”之后,该业务将在官网和APP端的国内航线全面实施。   公告称,上述实施的客票种类为国内客票,登机牌上显示的票价为旅客支付的全部航程客票的金额,此金额包含票价、机场建设费和燃油附加费。   此前,国航在通知中称,“国航要求各销售代理商必须严格按照国航规定销售客票,不得采取任何方式加价或低价销售国航客票。在旅客对登机牌显示的票价产生疑问时,有权通过致电国航服务热线95583的方式进行咨询,或直接咨询国航直属售票处(包含机场售票处)了解具体票价。”国航还在通知中明确表示,如果因代理商不按规则销售机票,国航接到旅客投诉后,将查明情况,追查责任,凡涉及代理商责任的投诉,将根据航空旅客运输销售代理协议处罚条款,对违规代理商予以处罚。   对此,有业内人士称,航空公司如果能够把价格直接打印在机票上,就能够对以上这些票代的违规行为进行有效监管,消费者将是最终受益者。相关的主题文章: