500 return 800 calls new scam man charge 500 yuan a minute not arrival (video) t6570

"500 return 800 calls" new scam man charge 500 yuan a minute not credited Mr. Zheng received a strange number of sent messages recharge success yesterday, who lives in a district of Mr. Zheng Yuanyang broke the news to reporters, in September 22nd he met a few in the cell door claiming to be "Mobile Corporation employees" who engage in activities in the stall, said 100 charge calls back to 160 yuan, charge 500 to 800 yuan, see the event really concessions, Mr. Cheng will pay 500 yuan recharge. Unexpectedly, the more than 10 day passed, but a penny was not credited. Mr. Zheng knew that he had been cheated, "Alas, it’s time to buy a lesson."". "Mobile employees" broke the cell door favourable recharge charge 500 back to 800 but no account Mr Cheng told reporters that in September 22nd, he saw several young people wearing uniforms in the area near the door, claiming to be employees of the Mobile Corporation, and is greeted the pedestrian preferential recharge. Before consulting, learned that the preferential activities for charging 100 yuan, return 160 yuan, charge 500 return 800 yuan. Think of all the calls are used, plus activities really discount, Mr. Zheng will charge 500 yuan. After paying, Mr. Zheng will dial 10086 mobile customer service phone inquiry, but found that 500 yuan bill has not arrived. To the employees of the Mobile Corporation "reflect, the other picked up a phone call to Mr. Zheng, immediately received a strange phone recharge to a series of successful message content is:" you have successfully recharge 160 yuan, a total of 5, the total recharge amount is 800 yuan, 500 yuan and the real charge donated 300 yuan. "Mobile Corporation staff" also told Mr. Zheng, activities will start until the National Day holiday, then the bill is really credited. Now the National Day holiday in the past, Mr. Zheng repeatedly call 10086 queries, or calls without a point of arrival, Mr. Zheng knew that he cheated, "Alas, on when to spend money to buy a lesson". Remind the best in the business hall or the client mobile phone recharge two strokes teach you to see through false employee discount fraud subsequently, the reporter dialed 10086 mobile telephone customer service, customer service staff said the company recently did not have the charge and charge 500 160 100 return back to 800 events. The customer service personnel, there are a lot of fake employees of the Mobile Corporation for the public calls behavior, these people wearing uniforms, not easy to distinguish from the appearance. By these means: 1., the best way is to dial 10086 on the spot, to consult whether there is a similar preferential activities. 2. after the successful recharge, 10086 will automatically send a successful SMS recharge, citizens do not trust other numbers sent sms. In addition, the customer service staff also reminded, for recharge business best in mobile business hall or handheld mobile phone client handle, do not covet cheap, so as not to be deceived. Then, the reporter contacted Yubei Industrial and Commercial Bureau consulting, staff said, encountered similar fraud, fraud Gang is if the company or individual industrial and commercial households, Industrial and Commercial Bureau will be punished. If the other party is an individual fraud, it is recommended that the public immediately alert the police. Video only for extended reading, and this article has nothing to do with recharge, fare to fare brother beware of new scam

“充500返800”话费新骗局 男子充了500元一分没到账郑先生收到陌生号码发来的充值成功短信昨日,家住鸳鸯某小区的郑先生向记者爆料,9月22日他在小区门口碰到几个自称“移动公司员工”的人在摆摊搞活动,称话费充100返160元,充500返800元,见活动确实优惠,郑先生便掏钱充值了500元。没想到十多天过去了,却一分钱都未到账。郑先生这才知道自己上当了,“唉,就当花钱买个教训了”。爆料“移动员工”小区门口搞优惠充值 充500返800却一分没到账郑先生告诉记者,9月22日,他在小区门口附近看到几个穿着统一制服的年轻人,自称是移动公司员工,正招呼行人来优惠大充值。上前咨询后得知,该优惠活动为充话费100元返160元,充500返800元。想到反正话费都要用,加上活动确实优惠,郑先生便充了500元。交钱后,郑先生便拨打了10086移动客服电话查询,却发现500元话费并未到账。向“移动公司员工”反映后,对方拿起郑先生的电话一番拨打,随即收到一个陌生电话发来的一连串充值成功的短信,内容均为:“您已成功充值160元”,共5条,合计充值金额为800元,即实充的500元和赠送的300元。“移动公司员工”还告知郑先生,活动要到国庆假期才开始,届时话费才真正到账。可如今国庆假期早过了,郑先生多次拨打10086查询,话费还是一分未到账,郑先生这才知道自己上当了,“唉,就当花钱买个教训了”。提醒最好在营业厅或手机客户端充值 两招教你识破假员工优惠骗局随后,记者拨打了10086移动客服电话,客服人员称公司近期并未有上述充100返160和充500返800的活动。客服人员介绍,目前存在不少假冒移动公司员工骗取市民话费的行为,这些人穿着统一的制服,从外观上不易区分。可通过这些方法辨别:1.最好的办法是当场拨打10086,咨询是否有类似的优惠活动。2.充值成功后,10086会自动发送充值成功短信,市民切勿轻信其它号码发送的短信。此外,客服人员还提醒,办理充值业务最好在移动营业厅或者手机掌上客户端办理,勿贪图一时便宜,以免上当受骗。紧接着,记者联系渝北工商局咨询,相关工作人员表示,遇上类似的诈骗时,如果诈骗团伙是公司或者个体工商户,工商局将进行查处。若对方属个人诈骗行为,建议市民立即报警处理。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 充值话费抵车费 的哥谨防新骗局相关的主题文章: