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Travel-and-Leisure To most people, the Himalaya conjures up images of starkly beautiful soaring peaks, where intrepid adventurers make their way along remote passes. But as well as this stunning scenery, Everest Base Camp trekking offers a glimpse into the life, history and culture of the region. There is no shortage of incredible places that can be visited along or near the route to Base Camp – here are five of the most rewarding of them. Namche Bazaar It may be a much-frequented point on the Everest Base Camp trekking route, but Namche Bazaar is no less interesting for this fact. The popular acclimatisation spot has been a small yet vibrant cultural crossroads across the ages, at first because it was well positioned for trade, and today because it is visited by trekkers from across the globe, while still being an important .mercial centre in the region. With its wide variety of eateries, friendly atmosphere, and informative museums on local culture and history, it is a fantastic introduction to the Khumbu region. Thame An old and attractive Sherpa village, Thame lies a little way from the most direct Everest Base Camp trekking route, meaning that it receives lower traffic than other places along the way. However it is well worth including on the itinerary, especially as a trek to Thame provides a good opportunity for acclimatisation. Full of interesting history, it lies on the traditional salt route and has long been a key trading point. It has been home to several famous Sherpas in its time, including Tenzing Norgay and the modern record-holder for most times reaching the summit, Apa Sherpa. Its monastery is among the regions oldest. Kenjuma Kenjuma, a small village on the route between the better known Namche and Thyangboche, is a good place to get a sense of everyday village life in the region. With its simple but .fortable lodges and tea houses, it is a restful spot on the trek. It also has some of the best views, with the 6,812 metre high peak of Ama Dablam visible in all its glory. Thyangboche Another popular spot on the Everest Base Camp trekking route is Thyangboche, thanks in large part to its monastery, where the legendary Tenzing Norgay once spent time as a monk, and where many of todays hopeful climbers .e to offer prayers in the hope of a successful bid on the summit. A visit to the monastery is an opportunity to learn more about Sherpa culture and religion, and to take part in some of their rituals. Gorak Shep Built on the edge of a frozen lake bed, Gorak Shep is the final village on the Everest Base Camp trekking trail. As well as being en route to Base Camp itself, Gorak Shep gives access to the nearby Kala Pattar, a 5,545 metre high peak that offers stunning views of Everests summit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: