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UnCategorized Points or .monly called the Cardinal points in astrology are positions in the birth chart that form angles. They symbolize your relationships with the outside world, which are represented by the following: Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and the Imum Coeli points – all reflecting the individual’s personality. Cardinal points, otherwise known as axes, are the exact spots where planets rise or set. These are essential in erecting and interpreting your own chart. Below are the four cardinal points with their corresponding significance: Ascendant point The most important point in the birth chart is the Ascendant point, which is also known as the rising sign. It literally means rising, which corresponds to the first house. This indicates the general you; how a child is brought up as he grows older, how you adjust to various situations, what your reactions are in response to a stimulus, and your overall well-being. The way you present yourself to the world is determined by this first point. However, its function is not limited to bringing up a child; in fact it also protects you from unpleasant occurrences through the use of several defense mechanisms. These help lessen the impact of pain that can often lead to decrease self-esteem. Descendant point Descendant point, which is the seventh house, is the counterpart of ascendant point. It corresponds to what you will be.e in the future, the type of partner you will have, your interests in life, and how you relate with others. Midheaven point In astrology, it is often referred to as the Medium Coeli, which means the "middle of the sky" is a symbolism of how others see you as an individual. This is the highest spot reached by the sun at the very moment you were born or is equivalent to the tenth house. To make it simple, it is most public part of your life that others readily see. Often it marks your distinguishing characteristics as the person including your aspirations, profession, and status in life. Whatever the result of your decisions, it is you who will bear the sole responsibility for all your actions. Imum Coeli Imum Coeli is a Latin word, which means "bottom of the sky" or the Nadir. It is the lowest point in your natal chart or the fourth house that stands for the unconscious part. It tells the beginning or origin of your soul as well as of your family. Imum Coeli predicts your childhood years that molds the present you. Since this is near the base, it more anchored to stability, security, and protection. All issues concerning home are best described here. Do not rely entirely on birth charts for your future. Instead, use this as your guide in facing every day’s challenges. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: