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200 thousand super online banking disputes involving depositors take wings to itself the bank compensation 60 thousand yuan Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Xinhua Shanghai August 31st news (reporter Huang Anqi) 200 thousand yuan a debit card is divided into 4 pens, 50 thousand yuan each bank removed, query is displayed as "collection of online banking payment debit"…… Ms. Zhang to do large credit card account information was leaked, but the use of criminals, stole the money in the bank card. The court ruled that the bank bear secondary liability, compensation 60 thousand yuan. 55 year old Zhang wanted to do a large credit card, has been unable to do so. July 2015, claiming to be a UnionPay customer manager who claimed to be able to open 500 thousand yuan credit card for her, the premise is to apply for a debit card of a commercial bank. Ms. Zhang according to this "account manager" instructions to the Bank of Shanghai Bridge Branch Office of a debit card, opened including Internet banking, telephone banking, mobile phone banking, electronic banking packages and outward transfer function. After the account, UnionPay customer manager to help her brush reputation as an excuse to get the account password, etc.. Since then, UnionPay customer manager, said Ms. Zhang just apply for a debit card to deposit 250 thousand yuan, you can open a credit card. Caution, Ms. Zhang went to the bank for consultation, and bank staff under the guidance on the spot to modify the online banking login password, transaction password, after 250 thousand yuan money deposited in the debit card. In July 20th, Ms. Zhang’s bank accounts were made two business operations through signing payment authorization token and is the version of online banking, fund collection business contract. Interbank fund collection is one of the super online banking features, namely, individual customers will be scattered in different banks, different accounts of the funds, through online banking and other collection, to a central account. Criminals after obtaining Ms. Zhang’s account password, the fund collection function authorized Ms. Zhang accounts to other accounts. Therefore, Ms. Zhang changed the password, criminals can turn the money away. The court held that, Ms. Zhang leaks led directly to the outsider through its online banking login completed capital accumulation is from signing, eventually leading to the account funds are planning to go, Ms. Zhang for the loss of primary responsibility. In the opening bank accounts and online banking is not part of the risk of electronic bank fully and comprehensively informed, especially introduces and explains this kind of capital accumulation is different from the general business operation mode and high risk business, causing Ms. Zhang relax vigilance, despise password storage. Ms. Zhang was in the account of capital accumulation, subject to contract operation, no direct evidence that banks in the business risk explicitly told Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang that failed to take timely measures to prevent loss, complete or stop the transaction. When Ms. Zhang on account security issues to the bank, the bank failed to hold a prudent attitude to understand the relevant circumstances of their accounts to give the correct advice, so that Zhang began相关的主题文章: