14 listed housing prices earn less than half a year in 1 suites, but reduced by 1% to buy easily tsumori chisato

The first half of the 14 listed enterprises to earn 1 Suites but holdings of 1% easily buy sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say on the stocks contest points out 60 million line prices and A share price bubble is big? You must have heard of this piece: Chinese a will win the Nobel prize in economics research: nearly half of the profits of listed companies is not enough to buy a house to Shanghai and Shenzhen, but sold 1% of the shares is enough to buy a few sets, please demonstrate the property market and the stock market bubble which is bigger? A year later, the answer did not come out, but heard that the title has changed: now to the "luxury" of "Hao" word into "live". Beijing, the average price of each house more than 5 million yuan, within the city of Victoria within a single set of new residential transaction price of more than $10 million, the average price of a single set of new residential ring between the four rings also reached 8 million 170 thousand yuan. In the online search Shenzhen city Baoan District, conveniently, before the SAR, such non elite, non luxury section of the more than and 100 house also hang out more than 10 million price. But can you say it is a mansion? 10 million yuan, in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to the ground, only to buy a set of about 100 square meters of high-grade residential just three! So, prices rose a lot, the profits of listed companies? 627 listed companies busy for half a year, money shortage of Beijing Shanghai and Shenzhen a suite! Data show that 627 A shares of Listed Companies in the first half of this year profit of less than 10 million yuan, the Shanghai listed company operating hard for half a year, not enough money to buy a suite. In addition, there are 815 companies in the first half net profit of between 10 million yuan ~5000 million. Overall, the two cities a total of 1442 companies in the first half net profit of less than 50 million yuan, about half of the total number of A shares of listed companies. This means that half of the A shares of listed companies to work for half a year, can only buy 5 suites of Beijing Shanghai and shenzhen! It is worth noting that the company can be listed on the A shares are usually a certain size of the industry, or have strong technical or capital strength of the company. Listed companies operating profit is still so difficult to buy, for the majority of other companies are not listed, in order to fully rely on the company’s profits to buy the first tier cities real estate, it is obviously more difficult. 14 listed housing prices earn less than half a suite, the house can not afford to buy a house? Semi annual report of 137 listed enterprises showed that interim net profit reached 1 billion yuan more than a total of 10, of which, Vanke A topped with 5 billion 351 million yuan, poly and green respectively 4 billion 960 million yuan, 4 billion 599 million yuan, followed by. These companies are great, the Beijing Shanghai deep house can be bought at will. Net profit of 100 million ~10 billion yuan in the company has a total of 57; below 100 million, more than 10 million of the 35. Next, is the net profit of 10 million in the following companies, a total of 9. These companies work for half a year, just enough to Shanghai and Shenzhen a house down payment! What a cruel truth! However, they are not the most miserable, there are 25 companies are deficit theory相关的主题文章: